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AKA NameBlack Eye Friday
2023 Date15 December 2023
2024 Date20 December 2024

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Mad Friday, also known as Black Eye Friday or Builders' Friday, refers to the last Friday before Christmas when many people finish work for the holiday season and celebrate by going out drinking. Consequently, bars, clubs, and other venues across the country typically become very busy as large groups of friends gather together for festive merrymaking. This surge in demand for a night out has potential consequences for public services and emergency personnel, who often deal with an increased number of alcohol-related incidents during this time.

The origins of Mad Friday are uncertain, but it has become an annual phenomenon across the United Kingdom over the past few decades. Its name "Mad Friday" is attributed to the widespread revelry that occurs, as well as the challenges it can pose for local authorities and public service workers as they manage the increase in rowdy behaviour and alcohol-related incidents. While the event can generate a boost for local economies with increased business for bars, restaurants, and taxi services, it also places pressure on police forces and emergency services to ensure public safety and order is maintained during this exceptionally busy period.

Mad Friday is observed by people unwinding after the build-up to the festive season, often featuring food and drinks shared in a celebratory atmosphere with friends and colleagues. The event is typically marked by large crowds and high revelry, with some people choosing to wear costumes or festive clothing in the spirit of the occasion. Mad Friday takes place on the last Friday before Christmas, generally falling on a date between December 18th and December 24th, depending on the year's calendar.

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Mad Friday Facts

  • Some establishments opt to implement precautionary measures such as monitored entrances, dress code restrictions, and the prohibition of glassware in an attempt to reduce the chance of incidents occurring.
  • It is considered one of the busiest and wildest nights of the year in the United Kingdom, with people flocking to bars, pubs, and clubs to celebrate the holiday season.
  • The name Black Eye Friday stems from the supposed increase in physical altercations during this festive period – due to increased alcohol consumption and crowded venues, fights are more likely to break out.

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  • It's also a popular day for last-minute Christmas shopping, as retailers often put on sales and extended opening hours.
  • Depending on the city or town, there might be street parties or public gatherings involving music, dancing, and drinking.
  • Many people in the UK will travel from pub to pub on Mad Friday, consuming a pint or two at each location.
  • The most common activity on Mad Friday is visiting pubs and bars. Many cities see an increase in pub-goers, making it a lively night for anyone interested in the social scene.
  • Some people use Mad Friday as a chance to fundraise for charity. This could be a fundraising pub crawl, a charity auction, or a charity concert.

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