Beginning of Spring

Beginning of Spring Quick Facts

AKA NameMeteorological spring
2024 Date1 March 2024
2025 Date1 March 2025

Beginning of Spring

Beginning of Spring in 2024
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Beginning of Spring History

Beginning of Spring, also known as Imbolc or Candlemas, is a cultural and seasonal celebration associated with the transition from winter to spring. As a festival marking the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, Imbolc serves to welcome the start of warmer days and the first signs of spring. Rooted in ancient pagan traditions, this observance aims to purify and cleanse the home, invite new growth, and connect with the changing rhythms of nature.

Imbolc's origins can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of the same name, which celebrated the gradual awakening of the Earth as it began to stir from its winter slumber. Over time, its customs merged with the Christian Feast of Candlemas, which commemorates the presentation of the infant Jesus at the temple. Today in the UK, the melding of these two traditions forms the basis of the modern observance, blending folklore with spiritual associations. Significant customs include the lighting of candles to signify the return of the sun, crafting of Brigid's crosses as symbols of protection and good fortune, and preparing food associated with new growth and fertility.

The Beginning of Spring is typically observed on February 1st or 2nd. This day marks an opportunity to embrace the promise of warmer days, participate in seasonal activities such as spring cleaning, and reflect on personal growth and renewal.

Beginning of Spring Facts

  • The beginning of Spring marks the transition between winter and summer. Days become longer, temperatures rise, and plants blossom in time for the summer.
  • Meteorological seasons divide the calendar year into four seasons and have been observed since the early to mid-20th century. Meteorological seasons include Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
  • In traditional Korean culture, the beginning of spring is celebrated with the festival known as Daeboreum, which involves various customs and activities like burning ritual fires and eating special foods for good luck and fortune.
  • According to Chinese folklore, the beginning of spring is associated with the awakening of animals from hibernation and the beginning of their courtship and mating season.
  • In East Asian cultures, spring is a time to reconnect with nature, celebrate the passing of winter, and prepare for the agricultural year ahead.

Beginning of Spring Top Events and Things to Do

  • The start of spring is marked by the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. This traditional ceremony is performed by the Queen's Guard.
  • Experience the beginning of spring in the beautiful landscapes of Lake District. Enjoy the tranquillity of the lakes and view the colourful spring flowers in bloom.
  • Spring is a perfect time to visit the picturesque village of Cotswolds, famous for its charming thatched cottages. The beginning of spring is also lambing season, so you may be able to spot newborn lambs while exploring the countryside.
  • Explore hiking trails or go on boat tours, camping, or wildlife viewing activities in the Lake District region.
  • The Royal Horticultural Society's annual flower show held in Cardiff is one of the early signs of spring in the UK. Visitors can take in the beautiful displays of spring flowers and purchase plants and garden accessories.

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