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International Day of Rural Women

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International Day of Rural Women History

International Day of Rural Women recognises and honours the crucial role that rural women play in the development of societies, particularly in sustainable agriculture and social and economic growth. The event highlights the crucial need to mainstream gender in policymaking, ensuring that women's needs are taken into account, and giving them the resources to thrive. The observance also places a strong emphasis on the eradication of poverty, improving food security and nutrition, as well as enhancing resilience against the impacts of climate change.

Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007, International Day of Rural Women emphasises the importance of supporting these women worldwide, from providing accessible infrastructure to ensuring their voices are heard in decision-making processes. In the United Kingdom, this day allows the nation to acknowledge and celebrate rural women's contributions to British society as farmers, business owners, and community leaders. Moreover, it reiterates the importance of continued policies aimed toward gender equality and rural development, benefitting both British women and their communities.

While the United Nations marks International Day of Rural Women each year on the 15th of October, the United Kingdom participates through various activities centred around raising awareness and promoting the inclusion of rural women. Community events, panel discussions, and online campaigns help to showcase the stories and achievements of rural women in the UK. These observances offer an opportunity to highlight the challenges that rural women face, as well as celebrate their resilience and indispensable contributions to British society.

International Day of Rural Women facts

  • The theme for International Day of Rural Women in 2023 was Rural Women Cultivating Good Food for All.
  • Globally, one in three employed women work in agriculture.
  • According to the UN, less than 15% of landholders worldwide are women
  • A report by the Farming Community Network (UK) indicates that over a third of the UK's agribusinesses are run by women.
  • According to the UK Women's Budget Group, rural women are more likely than urban women to be low paid, and rural areas have a larger full-time gender pay gap.

Top things to do in the UK for this observance

  • Purchase products made by rural women, such as handmade crafts, local produce, or homemade food items. This supports rural women entrepreneurs and helps sustain local economies.
  • Prepare traditional dishes or recipes made with locally sourced ingredients associated with rural areas. Share pictures or recipes on social media, encouraging others to celebrate and appreciate rural cuisine.

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