Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor Classroom Day Quick Facts

2021 Date20 May 2021
Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor Classroom Day History

Outdoor Classroom Day encourages teachers and educators to include outdoor learning as part of their curriculum. This day aims to inform parents and educators about the positive effects that being outside has on development. It explains the necessity for outdoor learning and highlights it as a fun and exciting learning experience for students.

Outdoor Classroom Day was founded in 2011 by a group of educators and environmentalists. It is observed twice annually, once in May and again in November.

Outdoor Classroom Day Facts & Quotes

  • About 10,5 million children from over 170 different countries took part in Outdoor Classroom Day in 2020.
  • There are several benefits to outdoor learning. According to outdoorclassroomday.com, it can help:
    1) Develop key skills for life
    2) Give a better understanding of the environment
    3) Enhance engagement with learning
    4) Increase physical and mental health
  • Academic research shows that active play is the natural and primary way that children learn - Sir Ken Robinson

Outdoor Classroom Day Top Events and Things to Do

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