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AKA NameWorld Space Week
2023 Date4 October 2023
2024 Date4 October 2024

Space Week Starts

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Space Week is dedicated to the celebration of space exploration, research, and education, with the ultimate goal of raising awareness and inspiring interest in space science among the general public. This event attracts educational institutions, research organizations, and space agencies, who together organize a variety of activities designed to promote a greater understanding of space and its applications in every day life.

Space Week has its roots in the United Nations General Assembly's declaration in 1999, which proclaimed the week to be observed globally as World Space Week. This declaration was timed to coincide with the launch date of mankind's first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, on October 4th, 1957, and the signing of the Outer Space Treaty on October 10th, 1967. The UK's contributions to the global space industry have been noteworthy, with participation in endeavours such as the European Space Agency's (ESA) Mars rover project and the recent launch of the UK Space Agency.

In the United Kingdom, the observance of Space Week is embraced with numerous events around the country. These events range from public lectures and exhibitions to school programs designed to engage young minds in the wonders of space exploration. Although typically celebrated globally from the 4th to 10th October, events and activities specific to the United Kingdom may occur within this timeframe or around it.

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  • Outer space is primarily a vacuum, with very few particles per cubic inch. This causes temperatures to be extreme, ranging from extremely cold in the shadows of celestial bodies to extremely hot when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Around 95% of the universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy, which are not directly observable but their effects can be measured through their gravitational influence on visible matter.

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  • Watch The Planets (2019), a BBC series that looks at the eight planets of our solar system, combining information from modern space missions with stunning CGI.
  • Discover the mysteries of the universe at the Winchester Science Centre, home to the largest standalone planetarium in the UK.
  • Explore the planetarium and space-themed exhibits at the World Museum in Liverpool, which offers insights into the history of space exploration and planetary science.
  • Check out the Space Gallery in London, which houses a collection of space artifacts and an Apollo 10 command module.
  • Visit the home of astronomers William and Caroline Herschel, who discovered the planet Uranus and many deep-space objects. The Herschel Museum of Astronomy is located in Bath.
  • Space Week is a perfect time to attend one of the Royal Institution's fascinating talks or lectures on space exploration. The Royal Institution is located in London.

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