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Go Skateboarding Day History

Go Skateboarding Day is an international event that advocates for the growth and development of skateboarding. With a mission to unite the global skateboarding community, the day promotes the passion, creativity and camaraderie within the skating culture. Skaters around the world participate by taking to the streets, parks and local spots to revel in the joy of this beloved sport, sending a message of unity and inclusivity.

In 2003, the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) established Go Skateboarding Day, transforming a once informal skate session into an international affair. As skateboarding has grown in popularity worldwide, so has its influence within the United Kingdom. Now home to a thriving skateboarding scene, the UK appreciates and nurtures the extraordinary talent of local skaters in addition to fostering a sense of belonging and personal expression. With the recent introduction of skateboarding as a sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the UK has even more reasons to celebrate and support skate culture.

While specific Go Skateboarding Day events may vary across the United Kingdom, participants usually gather at skate parks and local street spots for collaborative skate sessions, competitions, fundraisers and community outreach. It is an opportunity for experienced skaters to demonstrate their skills, while newcomers can meet others, learn new tricks and become fully immersed in the welcoming world of skateboarding. Observed annually on June 21st, UK skaters are encouraged to grab their boards, celebrate the sport they love and engage with the local and international skate community.

Go Skateboarding Day facts

  • Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk may have popularized skateboarding, but according to skateboarders, Tony Alva was one of the earliest skateboard pioneers. Born in California in 1957, Alva originally started skateboarding to practice surfing. He would later pave the wave for skating by utilizing ramps and vertical planes. He would revolutionize the sport and also encourage competition with his own team, the Zephyr Competition Skateboarding Team.
  • The first skateboard trick is attributed to Alan Gelfand. He called his trick an ollie which involved leaping into the air with his board without the use of his hands.
  • Skateboarding culture has had significant influences on fashion, music, and film over the past several decades.
  • In 2020, UK skateboarder Sky Brown was set to make history as the youngest British Olympian ever at the age of 11 before the Tokyo Olympics were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • In 1976 the first skatepark, Skate City, opened in Bushey Park, London. The following year, Rom Skatepark opened in Hornchurch, Essex, becoming one of the oldest surviving skateparks in Europe.

Top things to do in the UK for Go Skateboarding Day

  • Go skateboarding! Check out some tips and instructional guides on performing different tricks.
  • Stay informed about upcoming news.
  • Many cities and towns across the UK organize their own Go Skateboarding Day events, including group skate sessions, fundraisers, competitions, and community gatherings. Check with your local skate shops or community centers for information on events near you.
  • Plan a trip to the House of Vans in London. Located near Waterloo Station, House of Vans is a unique destination that combines skateboarding, culture, and creativity. On Go Skateboarding Day, the venue hosts a range of activities, including skateboarding workshops, exhibitions, and live music events.

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