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Saint Francis of Assisi

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The Observance of Saint Francis of Assisi celebrates the life and teachings of one of the most widely venerated Christian saints. Known for his dedication to peace, humility, and simplicity, Saint Francis of Assisi was the founder of the Order of Friars Minor, commonly known as the Franciscan Order. This celebration commemorates Saint Francis' impact on the world and aims to inspire believers to embody his values of compassion and love for all living things.

Saint Francis of Assisi was born in late 12th century Italy. He was known for his dedication to poverty, care for the sick, and affinity towards animals and the natural world. His influence transcended borders, which can be seen in the UK through the establishment of Franciscan orders and the many churches named in his honor. Notably, the Greyfriars order was introduced to Britain by Saint Francis' own followers in the 13th century and has a longstanding legacy throughout the UK. The ethos of Saint Francis also has a lasting impact on the UK’s ecological movement, resonating with the growing concern for the environment and the principles of sustainable living.

In the United Kingdom, the Observance of Saint Francis of Assisi often includes special church services and prayers, as well as events highlighting his teachings on ecology and animal welfare. Some devotees may also organise animal blessing ceremonies to honor Saint Francis' love for all creatures. The annual observance of Saint Francis of Assisi for the Roman Catholic Church is usually held worldwide on October 4th (or on October 3rd if the 4th falls on a Sunday).

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Saint Francis of Assisi Facts

  • The first Franciscan house in Britain was founded in Canterbury in 1224. The friars in the UK were often called Greyfriars due to the color of their habits.
  • Saint Francis is considered the patron saint of animals and ecology due to his deep connection with and love for all of creation, including animals and nature.

Saint Francis of Assisi Top Events and Things to Do

  • Read The Lessons of Saint Francis: How to Bring Simplicity and Spirituality into Your Daily Life by John Michael Talbot.
  • Although now in ruins, the Franciscan Friary in Dorset is an interesting place to explore and learn about the influence of the Franciscan order in the UK.
  • Watch Assisi: Home of St. Francis (2008). The documentary explores the life and teachings of St. Francis through the context of the town of Assisi, which has become a prominent pilgrimage site.
  • Visit the National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi in Pantasaph, North Wales. The shrine honors St. Francis and promotes his simple message of love and care for all creation.

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