National Hot Chocolate Day

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2023 Date31 January 2023
2024 Date31 January 2024
National Hot Chocolate Day

National Hot Chocolate Day History

National Hot Chocolate Day celebrates the sweet and warm beverage served throughout the United States. During the winter, the demand for Hot Chocolate increases dramatically. The combination of warm milk, ground chocolate, and sugar fits in perfect harmony with the bitter, cold weather.

Hot Chocolate can be served in many ways. Some people like it with whip cream or marshmallows while others prefer to have with cookies. Regardless of how it is served, hot chocolate is a drink enjoyed by many around the world, especially during winter. National Hot Chocolate Day is observed annually on January 31st.

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National Hot Chocolate Day Facts

  • It is believed that the first chocolate drinks were created by the Mayans 2000 years ago. The modern version that we consume today wasn’t created until Irish physician Hans Sloane added milk to cocoa in the late 1700s, thus creating a sweeter drink.
  • Hot cocoa is lower in fat than hot chocolate. This is due to the difference in ingredients. Hot chocolate is made from bar chocolate that already contains cocoa, sugar, and cocoa butter. Meanwhile, hot cocoa comes from a powder that is made by removing cocoa butter from cocoa beans. Despite these differences both drinks still contain antioxidants.
  • The largest cup of hot chocolate according to Guinness World Records contained 1272.3 gallons. It was achieved by the Municipality de Uruapan, Mexico in 2018.

National Hot Chocolate Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Enjoy some hot chocolate or cocoa and add marshmallows or whipped cream. If you're of age, try making an alcoholic hot chocolate cocktail. Pair it with rum, chocolate liqueur, or baileys.
  • Try hot chocolate bombs, a popular treat that makes hot chocolate a little more fun. They are little balls of chocolate that dissolve when placed in hot milk. They also contain marshmallows and others sweets inside them.
  • Participate in a winter activity or do something outdoors. Warm up afterwards with some delicious hot chocolate.

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