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National Hot Chocolate Day

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National Hot Chocolate Day is dedicated to the indulgence and enjoyment of one of the world's oldest drinks, hot chocolate. This day recognises the rich history, various styles, flavours, and cultural significance attached to the scrumptious beverage. Fundamentally, the occasion encourages the appreciation of this simple yet delicious drink, either homemade or picked up from a favourite café, shared alone or in the company of loved ones.

In the UK, hot chocolate holds a special place in the hearts of the populace, ubiquitously adored as a comforting treat, often paired with a good book on cold, wet days. Historically, Britain holds claim to introducing chocolate drinking to Europe in the 17th century, following its discovery in South America. On National Hot Chocolate Day, this unique British blend of the warming beverage, ranging from creamy and milky to bitter and luxurious, receives particular attention, acting as testament to a rich historical and gustatory relationship.

Across the United Kingdom, National Hot Chocolate Day is observed in a variety of fashions, from simple home-making to specially-themed café events. Individuals, families, and establishments seize the opportunity to experiment with flavours, textures, and styles, while sharing photos and recipes on social media platforms to spread the joy of the observance. The principle aim is creating and enjoying a delightful cup of hot chocolate in a way that taps into individuals' specific tastes and preferences. While National Hot Chocolate Day is observed globally on January 31st, the UK does not assign a specific local date, providing more frequent opportunities to revel in the warmth and comfort of this beloved beverage.

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Facts about National Hot Chocolate Day

  • It is believed that the first chocolate drinks were created by the Mayans 2000 years ago. The modern version that we consume today wasn’t created until Irish physician Hans Sloane added milk to cocoa in the late 1700s, thus creating a sweeter drink.
  • Hot cocoa is lower in fat than hot chocolate. This is due to the difference in ingredients. Hot chocolate is made from bar chocolate that already contains cocoa, sugar, and cocoa butter. Meanwhile, hot cocoa comes from a powder that is made by removing cocoa butter from cocoa beans. Despite these differences both drinks still contain antioxidants.
  • The flavonoids in hot chocolate can help improve attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills by increasing the blood flow to the brain.
  • In the 18th century, hot chocolate became a fashionable drink among the British upper class, with exclusive chocolate houses opening in London, where patrons could socialize while enjoying the luxurious beverage.
  • For a period in the 18th century, drinking chocolate was considered to have medicinal properties and was the subject of various medical research in the UK. It was believed to help with digestion, increase fertility, and treat a wide range of conditions.

Top things to do in the UK for National Hot Chocolate Day

  • Enjoy some hot chocolate or cocoa and add marshmallows or whipped cream. If you're of age, try making an alcoholic hot chocolate cocktail. Pair it with rum, chocolate liqueur, or baileys.
  • Participate in a winter activity or do something outdoors. Warm up afterwards with some delicious hot chocolate.
  • Visit Luxury Chocolate Shops: City centers of London, Manchester, Birmingham all have luxury chocolate shops such as Charbonnel et Walker or Hotel Chocolat. They often have a variety of delicious hot chocolate drinks for you to choose from.
  • Make Spiced Hot Chocolate: You can spice up the traditional hot chocolate recipe by adding various spices such as chili or cinnamon for a bit of a kick.

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