National Girlfriends Day

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2022 Date1 August 2022
2023 Date1 August 2023
National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriends Day History

National Girlfriend Day's origins are unknown. It is not clear who started it or who is to be celebrated, but it seems to have been started in 2015. It might have been intended as a day for women to celebrate their friendship with each other or for men to celebrate their girlfriends. Perhaps it was for both. Most sources point toward the former. Nevertheless, whatever you choose to do, there'll be no harm done. Despite its mysterious origins, internet trends show a consistent rise in the holiday's popularity in recent years.

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National Girlfriends Day Facts & Quotes

  • According to, a research study found that most women will have 6 best friends over the span of their lifetime.
  • According to, friendships between women last for an average of about 16 years. The reasoning is that as a person goes through major life changes like moving or getting a new job, friendships can burn or fizzle out.
  • There is a natural ebb and flow to friendships. The special ones survive - Colette McBeth, Author of Precious Thing

National Girlfriends Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Call up your girlfriends and plan a fun night out.
  • Plan a special evening with your girlfriend. Make reservations at a restaurant, make a home-cooked meal, or plan an activity.
  • Watch a good chick flick. Check out this page to get some ideas.

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