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AKA NameFeast of St.Andrew the Apostle
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2020 Date30 November 2020
2021 Date30 November 2021
Saint Andrew

St Andrew History

The feast of St. Andrew honors this disciple of Jesus. Andrew was a fisherman, and traditionally considered the first disciple called by Christ. He was from Galilee and was a former disciple of John the Baptist.

He served as a missionary in Galatia (Turkey), Scythia (central Europe), and Cappadocia (Turkey).

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St Andrews Day Facts

  • Andrew was fishing with Simon Peter, James the Greater, John, and their father, Zebedee, when Jesus came and said he would make them fishers of men (John 1:35-42).
  • Andrew was reportedly martyred on November 30 in the year 60 A.D by a Roman governor's order in Achaia (Greece). He was crucified and bound to the cross to increase his suffering. The cross was tilted to create an "x," which is known today as St. Andrew's cross and is the basis for the Scottish flag.
  • The Feast of St. Andrew is the last holiday of the Christian year. It is held the day before Advent begins, November 30 in Roman Catholic and some Protestant churches. St. Andrew's Day is a holiday in Scotland that honors the disciple as the country's patron saint.
  • St. Andrew is the brother of St. Peter (Simon Peter), who was the first leader of the church.
  • St. Andrew is the Patron saint of : Amalfi (Italy), Barbados, Esgueira (Portugal), Luqa (Malta), Patras (Greece), Romania, Russia, Scotland and Ukraine.

St Andrew Top Events and Things to Do

  • Travel to Scotland to celebrate St. Andrew's Day. The holiday commences many parties and festivals in Scotland and it is also an official holiday in the country.
  • St. Andrew's remains, or relics, are thought to be buried in Italy at the cathedral in Amalfi. Pilgrimage to Italy to visit.
  • Go fishing or enjoy a seafood dinner. St. Andrew is the patron saint of fishermen. He was a fisherman before he left his old life to follow Jesus Christ.
  • Visit St Andrew's Cathedral in Patras, Greece. It is the largest church in the Balkans region and one of the largest in Europe. According to history, St. Andrew was crucified just outside of the church.
  • Take pictures of yourself on St Andrew's Day and use the Instagram tag #myinstagram to win prizes.

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