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Record Store Day History

Record Store Day seeks to honour the culture of independent record stores. It also serves to highlight the deep-rooted influence and remarkable contribution these stores have made to music over the decades. This Observance presents an opportunity to acknowledge the distinct role and unique character of these institutions, all while reinforcing their significance as active hubs for music communities.

Record Store Day began in 2007 in the United States, yet its impact swiftly extended to the United Kingdom and beyond. Ty Pendlebury, a stalwart of the UK's independent music reportage, hypothesised that the British music lover's reverence for the tactile experience of listening to music was key to the Observance's exponential growth within the nation. Craig Pollard, a leading authority on Britain's music scene, further corroborated this, crediting the day's appeal to nostalgia and the UK's distinct culture of collecting. The day is marked by various events such as in-store performances, meet and greets and special releases. These activities help to galvanise the public’s enduring relationship with music and enlighten individuals to the intrinsic value of the physical format.

In the United Kingdom, Record Store Day has evolved into one of the most eagerly anticipated dates on the music calendar. Independent record shops across the country host events, and production companies coordinate the release of exclusive records that are only available for purchase on this day. British music lovers of all ages and tastes gather to celebrate by buying these special releases, enjoying live performances and participating in other music-related activities. Record Store Day usually takes place on the third Saturday of April each year, with a smaller “Black Friday” event in November.

Facts about Record Store Day

  • According to ReportLinker, the global vinyl records market is expected to grow by $663 million during 2023-2027.
  • HMV, founded in 1921, is the UK's largest music retailer and is known for its distinctive logo featuring a dog named Nipper listening to a gramophone.
  • The first Record Store Day UK ambassador, in 2015, was rock band Foo Fighters.
    British musician, songwriter, and record producer Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was the official ambassador for Record Store Day UK in 2014.

Top things to do in the UK for Record Store Day

  • Enter a Record Story Day contest for a chance to win related prizes. Contest rules and entry are located on the Day's webpage while other contests are offered on social media pages controlled by Record Store Day.
  • Attend a Vinyl Record Fair. Fairs are held all across the United States and in bordering regions of Canada. They feature collectable records, independent vendors, rare records and the ability to purchase other record types such as cassettes, CDs and even books.
  • Visit Independent Record Stores: The UK is home to numerous independent record stores which are open for business on Record Store Day. Notable retail outlets include Rough Trade East in London, Piccadilly Records in Manchester, and Spillers in Cardiff, the world's oldest record shop.
  • Attend Live Music Performances: Many record stores across the U.K organize live music performances from local artists and bands to celebrate the day.

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