World Gin Day

World Gin Day Quick Facts - GB

2023 Date10 June 2023
2024 Date8 June 2024
World Gin Day

World Gin Day History

World Gin Day is an seeks to promote and appreciate gin, a highly popular spirit crafted from a combination of botanicals, with juniper being the dominant flavour. This observance provides an opportunity for gin enthusiasts to come together in various events and tastings, showcasing unique and exciting gin expressions. It also seeks to educate people about the history, crafting process, and diversity of this versatile spirit while supporting the many distilleries and producers worldwide.

Tracing its origins back to the 17th century, gin has played a pivotal role in the history and culture of the United Kingdom. In fact, the iconic London Dry style has become synonymous with the British gin tradition, influencing many contemporary distillers and mixologists. The UK is home to several world-renowned gin brands and a thriving craft gin movement, with an ever-growing number of small-batch and artisan distilleries offering an array of distinctive gins. World Gin Day, therefore, holds particular relevance to the UK, both as a tribute to the nation's gin heritage and as a platform to spotlight local innovation and expertise.

Each year on the second Saturday of June, World Gin Day is observed across the United Kingdom, encompassing a diverse range of events and activities. This includes gin-infused menus at bars and restaurants to gin tastings, masterclasses, and distillery visits.

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