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AKA NameCounty Day Of Lancashire
2024 Date27 November 2024
2025 Date27 November 2025

Lancashire Day

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Lancashire Day History

Lancashire Day celebrates the county of Lancashire, its rich history, and the cultural heritage of its inhabitants. The Day aims to raise awareness about the region's unique qualities and foster a sense of pride in its residents, while appreciating the vast array of Lancashire's contributions to the United Kingdom. Promoting local products, customs, and traditions are key elements of this observance, which showcases the dynamic and spirited nature of the Lancashire community.

Delving into its origins, Lancashire Day commemorates the date in 1295 when Lancashire first sent representatives to the Model Parliament convened by King Edward I. For this reason, it is an opportunity to reflect on the region's strong legacy of representing its constituents at a national level, and the historical relevance of these happenings to the United Kingdom's present political system. The day holds special significance for residents of the county and those with connections to this culturally and historically rich part of the country.

The people of Lancashire mark this special day with events and festivities that take place across communities throughout the region. These events range from food festivals showcasing local cuisine to historical reenactments, musical performances, and readings of the Lancashire Day proclamation. Lancashire Day is celebrated annually on the 27th of November, offering a unique opportunity for people across the United Kingdom to appreciate Lancashire's contributions to British culture, history, and identity.

Lancashire Day Facts

  • The official flag of Lancashire, known as the Red Rose of Lancaster, is flown on Lancashire Day to represent the county and its long-standing relationship with the House of Lancaster.

Lancashire Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Visit one of the nature reserves or join one of the events held by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.
  • Lancashire Day is a great occasion to taste traditional Lancashire food. Many pubs and restaurants serve special Lancashire Day menus featuring the county's famous dishes like Lancashire hotpot, butter pie, and Eccles cakes.
  • Every year there are various carnivals, parades, and concerts organized to celebrate Lancashire Day, providing a wonderful opportunity to join in the festivities.
  • Visit a local market. Lancashire has a number of great markets, including Blackburn Market, Preston Market, and Accrington Market.
  • Lancashire is known for its hearty cuisine, including dishes like Lancashire hotpot, black pudding, and Eccles cakes. Celebrate today by enjoying local cuisine.

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