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National Selfie Day

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National Selfie Day History

National Selfie Day is an annual celebration that revolves around the global phenomenon of taking self-portraits with mobile devices. It honours the ever-growing self-expression, creativity, and connection that selfies represent within various communities. On this day, people are encouraged to capture unique and memorable moments in their lives, showcasing them proudly across social media platforms. With advancements in smartphone technology and user-friendly applications, selfies have become a widely embraced and accessible art form.

Although it started as an American trend, National Selfie Day swiftly spread around the globe, embracing diverse cultures and nations. With the UK being home to iconic landmarks, places of astounding beauty, and a rich cultural heritage, the nation has emerged as a selfie hotspot for tourists and locals alike. The fascination with selfies is not only limited to the younger generation, as people of all age groups in the UK often indulge in this form of self-expression. Additionally, several popular British personalities and celebrities have taken social media by storm with their quirky and innovative selfies, enhancing the nation's engagement with the trend.

National Selfie Day offers a fantastic opportunity for the Brits to express their individuality, creativity, and to connect with others on a more personal level. The day typically sees individuals, groups, families, and even pets striking their best pose against the backdrop of their choice. Alongside amateurs, photographers, influencers, and artists share their well-crafted and captivating selfies, inspiring and entertaining their audience. Celebrated annually on June 21st, National Selfie Day opens up a space for people in the UK to celebrate the art of taking selfies whilst fostering a sense of unity through a shared interest.

National Selfie Day facts

  • Amateur chemist and photography enthusiast Robert Cornelius is considered by many to have been one of the first people to take a photographic self-portrait. In 1839, Cornelius set his camera up at the back of a family store in Philadelphia. He managed to capture an image of himself by removing the lens cap and then running into frame. He then sat in frame for several minutes before covering up the lens again.
  • Individuals spend 54 hours a year (or 7 minutes a day) taking selfies.
  • People aged 18-24 take the most selfies. They typically snap over 1 million selfies a day.
  • A survey conducted by Samsung revealed that 48% of British people admit to taking selfies to make their friends and family jealous of their lives, while 30% do it to make an ex-partner jealous.
  • In a 2018 study, it was revealed that the average Brit takes 468 selfies each year, with those aged 18 to 24 taking more than 1,000 photos of themselves annually.

Top things to do in the UK for National Selfie Day

  • Take a selfie and post it for the world to see!
  • Discover several tips on taking a good selfie.
  • Plan a visit to the Buckingham Palace in London and snap a selfie in front of the iconic home of the British monarchy.
  • Head over to the London Eye in London and capture a high-up shot with the cityscape of London in the background on this famous Ferris wheel.

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