International Day of Living Together in Peace

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International Day of Living Together in Peace

International Day of Living Together in Peace in
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The International Day of Living Together in Peace serves to recognize the importance of promoting peaceful, inclusive, and just societies globally. This annual observance seeks to cultivate understanding among individuals from different backgrounds, promote human rights, and foster social cohesion. As a day dedicated to promoting coexistence, it encourages endeavors that contribute to peace-building, conflict resolution, and the strengthening of communities worldwide.

The International Day of Living Together was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2017. It serves as a reminder of the global responsibility to work towards a unified, harmonious world. The United Kingdom plays a critical role in nurturing a tolerant, respectful, and peaceful environment for all its inhabitants, irrespective of their cultural or religious backgrounds. This observance serves as an opportunity to promote social inclusion and respect for fundamental rights. It also reiterates the UK’s commitment to tackling discrimination, racism, and religious intolerance, all which can hinder social interactions.

The International Day of Living Together in Peace is observed on May 16th. UK residents typically participate in various activities aimed at fostering peace, tolerance, and understanding. Activities may include community forums, workshops, or interfaith dialogues designed to engage local communities in discussions around coexistence and mutual understanding.

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Facts about International Day of Living Together in Peace

  • According to, the five most peaceful countries in 2022 are:
    1) Iceland
    2) New Zealand
    3) Ireland
    4) Denmark
    5) Austria
  • The world will live in peace, only when the individuals composing it make up their minds to do so - Mahatma Gandhi, 1946
  • Countries where people live together in peace often experience greater economic growth. The lack of conflict allows for stability, attracting investment and creating opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • The United Kingdom is a key player in global peacebuilding and conflict resolution. It is actively involved in supporting peace processes and providing humanitarian aid in various conflict-affected regions around the world.
  • The United Kingdom is a signatory to numerous international agreements that promote peace, human rights, and social cohesion, such as the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and the European Convention on Human Rights.

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