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Manchester Day History

Manchester Day is a celebration of the diverse and creative spirit of the city of Manchester. The event pays tribute to the city's rich industrial, scientific, and cultural heritage. Manchester Day invites families, communities, and visitors to immerse themselves in the pride of the city.

The tradition of Manchester Day began in 2010, as the city sought to encourage community cohesion while accentuating all that makes the city unique. The event holds special significance for Britons across the United Kingdom, for Manchester stands as an example of a city that has triumphed over adversity through unity, resilience, and its innovative spirit. With its powerful blend of commerce, academia, and the arts, Manchester plays a vital role in the United Kingdom, offering a source of pride and esteem for the entire nation.

On the day itself, a parade winds its way through Manchester city centre, animated by floats, energetic dance troupes, and live music. Throughout the day, Manchester's public squares burst to life with bustling markets, colourful workshops, and dance performances. Manchester Day is observed on June 19th in 2023.

Manchester Day Facts

  • The producers of the Manchester Day parade Walk the Plank received a 4-star Creative Green certification in 2019 for their environmental efforts. Creative Green is an international community that recognizes and celebrates environmental efforts at events, venues, and festivals. Their environmental certification scheme is designed specifically for the creative and cultural industries. It ranges from 1-5 stars and is based on commitment, understanding, and improvement.
  • The Manchester parade had a new route in 2019. It started from Princess Street and continued along Portland Steet and Peter Steet. The parade then travelled along Deansgate and finished near the Cathedral. .
  • In 1917, Ernest Rutherford split the atom at the University of Manchester, and in 2010, researchers at the same university discovered graphene, a material that has numerous potential applications.
  • Manchester has a rich history, dating back to Roman times when it was called Mamucium. It played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, and it was a leading hub for textile manufacturing.

Manchester Day Top Things to Do

  • Participate or perform at the next Manchester Day parade.
  • Volunteer at the next Manchester Day.
  • Watch a recap of the 2023 Manchester Day parade.
  • Experience Manchester's vibrant nightlife by visiting the numerous bars, pubs, and clubs to celebrate the day with fellow Mancunians.
  • Head over to the city's various shopping districts and independent stores for some retail therapy. Manchester's Northern Quarter is known for its array of unique shops and vintage boutiques.
  • Take the opportunity to explore Manchester's famous landmarks, such as the Manchester Town Hall, Manchester Cathedral, the Central Library, and the Museum of Science and Industry.

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