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2023 Date9 April 2023
2024 Date9 April 2024
National Unicorn Day

National Unicorn Day History

National Unicorn Day celebrates one of the most popular mythical creatures in the world. Unicorns are fictional beasts described as horse-like with a large, pointed horn protruding from their foreheads. This day aims to raise awareness and celebrate the history of unicorns as a part of human mythology.

National Unicorn Day seems to have been started in 2015 as a promotion for the mythical creatures. It is observed annually on April 9th.

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National Unicorn Day Facts

  • The word unicorn comes from the Latin word unus, meaning one, and cornu meaning horn.
  • It was believed that those who drank from the horn of a unicorn would gain protection from stomach trouble, epilepsy, and poison.
  • it is thought that the animal behind the description of a unicorn was actually the Indian rhinoceros.

National Unicorn Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Visit the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland and view the piece, Master of the Annunciation with Unicorn Polyptych. The altarpiece features a unique depiction of the Annunciation in which Mary is holding a unicorn. The unicorn is believed to represent a symbol of Christ and Mary’s virginity.
  • Explore several books about unicorns.
  • Watch a movie featuring the mythical creatures. Here are our suggestions:
    Unicorn Store (2017)
    A Trip To Unicorn Island (2016)
    Voyage Of The Unicorn (2001)

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