Queensday/Koningsdag Quick Facts

2023 Date27 April 2023
2024 Date27 April 2024

Queensday/Koningsdag History

Queensday, or Koningsdag, is a national holiday in the Netherlands celebrating the birth of King Willem-Alexander. The event carries significant importance as it highlights the unity of the Dutch people and their shared cultural heritage. The Observance typically includes outdoor festivities, flea markets, and the wearing of the colour orange, symbolising the Dutch Royal Family – the House of Oranje-Nassau.

The celebration dates back to 1885, when it was called "Princess Day," honouring the birth of Princess Wilhelmina, who later became queen. The tradition continued with the following queens, Juliana and Beatrix. When King Willem-Alexander ascended the throne in 2013, the observance was righty renamed 'Koningsdag'. British monarchs have long enjoyed close ties with Dutch royalty, particularly as both countries share a constitutional monarchy system that reinforces the symbolic role of the royals as unifying figures. Both nations also remain significant trading partners and bolster each other’s economies through progressive partnerships.

Although Queensday/Koningsdag is not officially observed in the United Kingdom, the sizable Dutch community residing across the UK does commemorate the event. Traditional festivities such as gatherings, wearing the colour orange, or attending events at Dutch social clubs, bars, or restaurants are common ways of celebrating the occasion. It is an opportunity for people in the UK to learn about Dutch culture and acknowledge the strong shared history between the two nations. The date of Queensday/Koningsdag, April 27th, remains the same worldwide but is recognised only within the Dutch communities of the United Kingdom.

Queensday/Koningsdag Facts

  • Each year, about 700,000 people come to Amsterdam to attend the King’s Day festival.
  • The national colour for King’s Day is Orange.

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