Primrose Day

Primrose Day Quick Facts

2021 Date19 April 2021
2022 Date19 April 2022
Primrose Day

Primrose Day History

Primrose Day seeks to celebrate the lovely yellow flower. Primrose flowers belong to the primula family and there are about 1000 different varieties. The most common one across England is the soft yellow flower.

Primrose Day was created in 1881 when Queen Victoria sent a wreath of yellow primroses in memory of her favourite prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli. From then on, wreaths of primroses were placed on Disraeli’s monument and Primrose Day was formed. This day is observed annually on 19 April.

Primrose Day Facts & Quotes

  • Primrose Day got its start when Queen Victoria sent a wreath of primroses for her Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli's funeral. Along with the wreath came a note. It stated that primroses were his favourite flowers.
  • Benjamin Disraeli served as the Prime Minister of Britain in 1868. He served again from 1874 to 1880. It's said he was the first and only Jewish Prime Minister.
  • It is believed that Queen Victoria may have been referring to her late husband, Prince Albert, rather than Benjamin Disreali in her letter.

Primrose Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Visit the bronze statue of Benjamin Disraeli in Parliament Square. Make sure to bring primroses to decorate it with.
  • Wear primroses as a tribute to Benjamin Disraeli.
  • Grow your own garden of primroses. The soft yellow flowers can be seen almost everywhere but why not cultivate your own set?

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