Queensland Day (Qld)

Queensland Day Quick Facts

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2020 Date6 June 2020
2021 Date6 June 2021
Queensland Day (Qld)

Queensland Day History

Queensland Day celebrates the birth of the Australian state of Queensland. Queensland was named by Queen Victoria, the Queen of the British Empire at the time, in December of 1859. Originally, Queensland and New South Wales were one colony until 1851, when people began pushing for separation of the two. On 6 June 1859, Queen Victoria approved the split and Queensland became a new self-governing Colony of Britain.

Queensland Day is celebrated annually on June 6 as part of Queensland Week. The day commemorates the official day on which Queen Victoria signed the paperwork approving the split and granting Queensland a constitution.

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Queensland Day Facts & Quotes

  • The Queen favoured the name 'Queensland' over 'Cooksland' which honoured Captain James Cook, discoverer of Australia in 1770.
  • Sir George Bowen was Queensland's first governor after Queen Victoria granted the Colony its independence.
  • The first Labor government in the world took office in Queensland in 1899.
  • Queensland is the second largest Australian state, after Western Australia. With an area of 1.7 million sq. km, the state is 7 times larger than Britain.
  • The independence of all political and other both is a happiness - Rutherford B. Hayes, Former US President

Queensland Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Enjoy the long weekend by taking advantage of one of Queensland's 200 national parks and 5 World Heritage Sites by visiting one of your choice.
  • Watch a documentary about the British Empire and the colonisation that led to today's celebration. Some of our favourites: British Empire in Colour, The Story of India and Empire.
  • Spread awareness of the day on social media using hashtags #QueenslandDay, #BirthofQueensland and #6June1859.
  • Attend the Queenslander of the Year Awards or prepare to nominate someone that you feel is deserving for an award.
  • Host a barbeque lunch and put up as much maroon as you can at home, in the office or at school. Then take a picture of the party and submit it the government in charge to win prizes.

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