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Pi Day

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Pi Day History

Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant known as Pi, approximately equal to 3.14159265… The number represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and it is utilised in a vast array of mathematical, scientific, and engineering formulae. This observance is not just for mathematicians and scientists but also serves to promote mathematics education and appreciation among the general public. Fun and innovative activities like pie-eating contests, Pi-related crafts, and mathematical brainteasers often mark the festive spirit of the day.

On record, Physicist Larry Shaw organized the first Pi Day in San Francisco's Exploratorium in 1988. By and by, it gained global recognition and was observed in different parts of the world, including Australia. For Australians, Pi Day holds immense educational value. It provides an engaging platform to introduce complex mathematical concepts in a relatable and enjoyable way. Australian schools and universities often arrange educational contests and quizzes to highlight the importance of Pi and strengthen math proficiency among students.

In Australia, Various community groups and educational institutions organise events across the country. Traditionally, observations often include the consumption of pie, a playful nod to the homophonous nature of "pi" and "pie". This holiday serves as a worthwhile opportunity for Australians to look beyond the intimidating facade of mathematics and explore its fascinating intricacies in a relaxed and amusing context. Pi Day is celebrated on the 14th of March each year.

Facts about Pi Day

  • In 2015, at 9:26:53 (AM and PM), all of the first ten digits of Pi (3.141592653) were present in the date and time.
  • Pi is an irrational number, meaning it cannot be expressed properly as a fraction.
  • Albert Einstein, widely referred to as the father of modern physics, was born on March 14, 1879. Therefore, Pi Day also recognizes Einstein's birthday.
  • According to a Guinness World Record held by an Australian, a school in Sydney once baked a pie with an impressive 170 decimal places of pi inscribed into its crust.
  • The Australasian Pi Memorisation record is held by Saul Butcher, who correctly recited Pi to 370 decimal places.

Top things to do in Australia for Pi Day

  • Memorize as many digits of Pi as you can (remember, the World Record Holder was able to memorize 70,000 decimal places of pi).
  • Eat a pie to celebrate Pi day and earn bonus points if your can calculate Pi for your pie's circumference! Here are some twists on traditional pies that you can try:
    1) Avocado and cream cheese pie
    2) Cheeseburger and pickle pie made from ground beef, cheese, and chopped dill pickles
    3) Mac and Cheese Pie topped with bacon
    4) Hot dog pie covered with a layer of cheese
    5) Twinkie pie topped with whipped cream
  • Practice your geometry and algebra equations that contain the constant Pi. Here are some useful formulas to help you:
    Circumference of a circle = 2 πr
    Area of a Circle = π r^2
    Volume of a Cylinder = π r^2h
    where r=radius and h=height
  • Visit Scitech in Perth: The science museum might run events or activities that align with Pi Day.
  • Join the Pi Day Celebration at Universities: Many universities in Australia celebrate Pi Day with various activities. For example, the University of Sydney's Mathematics Society typically hosts themed events for Pi Day. You might also find events at the University of Melbourne or Australian National University.

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