Agriculture Day

Agriculture Day Quick Facts

AKA NameAgriculture Day
2024 Date21 November 2024
2025 Date21 November 2025

Agriculture Day

Agriculture Day aims to celebrate the agricultural sector and its significant contributions to the economy, environment, and society. This day serves as an opportunity to recognise the importance of farming, educate the public about the vast range of agricultural products and practices, and engage people in conversations about the future of the industry. It highlights the crucial role that farmers play in food production, as well as their sustainable practices and innovative solutions that ensure long-term success for both rural communities and the wider Australian population.

The concept of Agriculture Day was adopted by Australia in 2017, where it has since gained significant traction and support. Agriculture is a major industry in Australia, employing over 300,000 people and contributing approximately $65 billion to the national economy annually. AgDay is an opportunity for Australians to recognise the hard work and dedication of our primary producers, learn about the diversity of our agricultural systems, and promote Australian farm produce both domestically and internationally. The observance of Agriculture Day in Australia unites the entire industry, from family farms to large-scale operations, acknowledging their shared values and commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Agriculture Day in Australia is celebrated through various events and activities, such as farm tours, school visits, agricultural shows, and even virtual experiences. These activities seek to bridge the knowledge gap between the urban and rural sectors, encourage greater appreciation for local produce, and inspire future generations to consider a career in the field. Agriculture Day is typically commemorated on the 21st of November each year.

Top facts about Agriculture Day

  • In 2023, There are close to 88,000 agricultural businesses in Australia. Each farm is able to produce enough food to feed 600 people annually.
  • In 2022, Australian farmers harvested 36 million of wheat, 7 million tonnes of canola products, and 22 million beef cattle.
  • Located in Southern Australia, Anna Creek Station the worlds largest cattle station. There are more than 10,000 cattle and over 5 million acres of land.
  • Agriculture contributes to approximately 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide.
  • Australian agriculture is one of the country's major industries, contributing around 3% to the overall GDP.

Top things to do for Agriculture Day

  • Celebrate the importance of agriculture and sustainable farming practices by planting a tree or participating in tree planting events.
  • Taste delicious farm-to-table cuisine at local restaurants and cafes that source their ingredients from nearby farms.
  • Shop for fresh, locally produced food and connect with local farmers at farmers’ markets. This is a great way to support the agricultural community.

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