World Obesity Day

World Obesity Day Quick Facts - AU

2024 Date4 March 2024
2025 Date4 March 2025

World Obesity Day

World Obesity Day in 2024
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World Obesity Day History

World Obesity Day aims at raising awareness about the prevalence of obesity and its health implications, alongside addressing the importance of policies and actions required to combat this growing health concern. This Observance recognises that obesity can lead to various health complications, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, certain cancers and mental health issues. Moreover, it seeks to empower individuals with knowledge and resources needed to make informed choices regarding their nutrition and physical activity, in order to promote a healthier lifestyle.

World Obesity Day was established and first observed in 2015 by the World Obesity Federation. This health issue has gained significant attention in Australia, where approximately 67% of the adult population is classified as overweight or obese according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. In response to these statistics, the Australian Government has established a framework to address obesity through their National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions, which incorporates numerous strategies and partnerships, emphasising prevention and management.

World Obesity Day is observed globally on October 11. The Australian government and various health organisations actively promote the event, incorporating a range of workshops, seminars, webinars, and other activities aimed at raising awareness and encouraging lifestyle changes to reduce obesity rates.

World Obesity Day Facts

  • The theme for World Obesity Day in 2024 was Let’s Talk About Obesity and Women’s Health.
  • The World Obesity Atlas estimates that 2023, there were more than 3.2 billion people living with obesity around the world.
  • It is estimated that 60% of Australian adults do not engage in the recommended levels of physical activity, further contributing to the obesity epidemic.
  • Around 43% of Indigenous adults are obese, and 73% are overweight or obese.

World Obesity Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Join in on campaigns that promote and support individuals taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Hashtags such as #WorldObesityDay may be used to share stories and progress.
  • World Obesity Day can be a good opportunity to start a new fitness routine. numerous fitness centres across the UK may offer special classes or promotional discounts.
  • Take part in healthy cooking classes. A variety of cooking schools, community centres, and health organizations offer classes focused on healthy, nutritious meals.
  • Visit a farmer's market to buy fresh, local produce and gain insights into nutritious, healthy food.

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