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International Delegate's Day

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International Delegate's Day History

International Delegate's Day highlights the essential service delegates play in shaping international policy, promoting peace, and fostering global progress. Acting as the representatives of countries on the international stage, delegates bridge gaps between diverse cultures, political systems, and economic perspectives, creating shared understanding and facilitating cooperation. The work of international delegates is key to addressing global challenges, from human rights issues and gender equality to climate change and public health crises.

The establishment of International Delegate's Day was enacted by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on 2 April 2019, in recognition of the crucial role delegates play. For Australians, this day recognises and celebrates the hard work and dedication of their representatives who negotiate and make decisions on behalf of Australia at various international forums. These Australian delegates contribute to shaping the global rules that affect people and businesses in Australia, ensuring Australian interests and positions are effectively expressed and advanced on the world stage.

International Delegate's Day is observed in Australia through various activities and events that honour the work of Australian delegates including discussions, public speeches, digital campaigns, and more. These activities aim to spread awareness about the vital role delegates play on the international stage. Australian schools, universities, and organisations take part in commemorating this day, sometimes with educational programs to inspire the next generation of delegates. International Delegate's Day occurs annually on April 2nd.

Facts about International Delegate's Day

  • 850 delegates participated in the Charter of the United Nations. They represented about 80% of the world’s population.
  • The Charter of the United Nations was signed on June 26, 1945, by representatives from 50 countries. Poland would sign the charter later, thus bringing the total founding member states to 51.
  • Historically, some of the most famous delegates in Australia participated in conventions and assemblies leading to the federation of Australia in 1901. They played important roles in drafting the Australian Constitution.
  • At the Australian Labor Party National Conference, for example, about half of the delegates are from affiliated trade unions, and the other half are elected from various geographical and interest-based party units.

Top things to do in Australia for International Delegate's Day

  • Watch the San Francisco 1945 United Nations Conference.
  • Browse a list of countries with international delegates.
  • Attend the Anzac Day National Ceremony: The National Ceremony includes a traditional order of service including the Australian National Anthem, the Commemorative Address, Laying of Wreaths, Reading of the Names, the Last Post, a minute's silence, and Reveille.
  • Read a book to learn more about Delegates in Australia:
    1) Australian Political Parties in the Spotlight - by Jennifer M. Rayner
    2) The Australian Study of Politics - by Narelle Miragliotta

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