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Global Day of Parents

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Global Day of Parents History

Global Day of Parents is an observance that honors and recognizes the role of parents in raising and nurturing their children. The United Nations General Assembly designated the day in 2012 to promote respect and appreciation for parents and their tireless efforts in providing their children with the best possible upbringing.

In Australia, the Global Day of Parents is an occasion to acknowledge the crucial role parents play in supporting their children's growth and development. As children spend a significant amount of their time at school, parents are an integral part of the education system, providing emotional and practical support to their children. The day offers an opportunity to celebrate this partnership between parents and educators.

In Australia, the Global Day of Parents is observed by families spending quality time together and sharing appreciation for the love, support, and care that parents provide. Schools, organizations, and communities may hold events or activities, focusing on the importance of parenting in children's lives. Australians celebrate this day alongside the rest of the world on June 1st, using it as a reminder to acknowledge and affirm the tireless efforts parents display in raising the next generation.

Global Day of Parents facts

  • Children go through 3 broad stages of growth and development:
    1) Early Childhood (0-8)
    2) Middle Childhood (8 to 12)
    3) Adolescence (12-18)
  • According to the United Nations, there are approximately 2 billion parents worldwide. This includes both biological and adoptive parents.
  • Studies show that parental involvement in a child's education can lead to higher academic achievement, improved behavior, and increased motivation.
  • The average number of individuals per household in Australia has been decreasing. As of 2022, the average family had 2.48 individuals.
  • The average age of first-time mothers and fathers in Australia has been increasing. In 2020, the average age of first-time mothers was 30.5 years, compared to 28.9 years in 2000.

Top things to do in Australia for Global Day of Parents

  • Spend time with your family. Plan a trip, help prepare a home-cooked meal, or have everyone choose a movie for a movie night.
  • Explore tips on parenting during Covid-19.
  • Watch a film to learn about the experience of parenthood in Australia. Here are our top picks:
    1. The Sapphires (2012) - A musical comedy-drama film that tells the story of an Aboriginal family who forms a successful singing group in the 1960s.
    2. Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) - A drama film based on a true story about three Aboriginal girls who escape a government settlement and navigate the Australian outback to reunite with their families.
    3. The Tree (2010) - A French-Australian drama film about a grieving family and their relationship with a large tree near their home in rural Australia.
  • Read a book about parenthoof written by an Australian author. Here are our top picks:
    1. Parenting for a Happier Home by Stuart Passmore
    2. Beyond Toddlerdom Tips by Dr. Christopher Green
    3. Mindful Parenting by Dr. Jodi Richardson and Lou Harvey-Zahra

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