Indonesia Independence Day

Quick Facts

AKA NameHari Merdeka, Hari Kemerdekaan
2023 Date17 August 2023
2024 Date17 August 2024
Indonesia Independence Day

Indonesia Independence Day History

Indonesia Independence Day commemorates the anniversary of Indonesia’s proclamation of independence. After WWII, Indonesia was forced to abandoned their land to the Japanese. Japan had control for about three years, but decided to surrendered the land on August 15th, 1945. On August 17th, Indonesia was proclaimed by Indonesian leader, Sukarno. After regaining control of their land, the Netherlands tried to overthrow Indonesia on two separate occasions through military force. The Netherlands failed to overthrow Indonesia and was finally recognized as independent by the Dutch Government in 1949. Indonesia Independence Day is celebrated annually on August 17th, which commemorates the day Indonesia was proclaimed.

Indonesia Independence Day Facts

  • The theme for Indonesia Independence Day in 2022 was Recover Faster, Rise Stronger.
  • A 2021 Census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that there are more than 87,000 people who were born in Indonesia residing in Australia.

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