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2024 Date2 February 2024
2025 Date2 February 2025

World Wetlands Day

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World Wetlands Day seeks to raise awareness of the value and importance of wetlands, their contribution to biodiversity, and the necessity to protect these unique and vital ecosystems. These diverse landscapes, found in every country, support countless animal and plant species, filter water, store carbon, and can even mitigate natural disasters. The Observance seeks to engage communities worldwide through environmental education, conservation volunteering, and sustainable management actions to safeguard these valuable habitats.

The inception of World Wetlands Day stems from the 1971 Ramsar Convention in Iran, which Australia promptly joined as a key founding member. Australia's abundant wetlands, accounting for an estimated 8% of the earth's wetland areas, are vital for both local and international ecosystems. Many migratory birds that breed in Northern Hemisphere countries such as China and Russia fly south to spend their non-breeding seasons in Australia's wetlands, making conservation efforts crucial. Furthermore, Indigenous Australians have maintained strong environmental and cultural links with wetlands for thousands of years, enhancing their significance within the nation.

World Wetlands Day is marked in Australia with various environmental activities such as community clean-ups, bird watching and plant species identification, wetland restoration efforts, and educational workshops on the importance of preserving wetlands. These events, run by environmental groups, schools, and government agencies, are designed to foster community engagement and awareness. Wetland conservation is an ongoing commitment; whilst World Wetlands Day occurs globally on February 2nd each year, Australia's initiatives run throughout the year to ensure continuous attention on wetland protection and biodiversity conservation.

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Facts about World Wetlands Day

  • The theme for World Wetlands Day in 2024 was Wetlands and Human Wellbeing. The theme in 2023 was Wetland Restoration.
  • The Pantanal which is located in South America, measures over 42 million acres and is the world’s largest tropical wetland.
  • More than 60% of Australia's waterbirds breed in the internationally significant Macquarie Marshes, a complex wetland system in New South Wales, which is also a Ramsar site.
  • Australia's largest freshwater lake system, the Coorong and Lakes Alexandrina and Albert Wetland, is a Ramsar site and a crucial habitat for migratory shorebirds. It sustains more than 80 waterbird species, including the vulnerable Curlew Sandpiper and the nationally endangered Australasian Bittern.

Top things to do in Australia for World Wetlands Day

  • Go outdoors and participate in events and activities such as tree planting, bird watching.
  • Spread awareness on social media by using hashtags such as #WorldWetlandsDay or #WetlandsMatter
  • Read a book to learn about Wetlands:
    Wetlands in a Dry Land: More Than Just a State of Mind - by Emily O'Gorman
    Wetlands of the World: Inventory, Ecology and Management Volume I: Australia, The Americas and Antarctica - by David F. Whigham
  • Visit the Wetlands Centre Australia, Newcastle: The centre occasionally holds special programs on World Wetlands Day that includes bike tours, tree planting sessions, bird-watching, photography workshops, and many more.

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