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International Mine Awareness Day

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International Mine Awareness Day History

International Mine Awareness Day aims to raise awareness about the lingering effects of landmines and other explosive hazards, and fostering dialogue about mine action. Designated by the United Nations, the day advocates for the safety and rights of individuals, families and communities affected by landmines and unexploded ordnance. The observance propels progress on mine clearance, assists victims and emphasizes the need for steadfast international commitment and collaboration towards eradication.

Australia has strong links to International Mine Awareness Day, as an active participant in global demining efforts and as a contributor both financially and strategically. The Australian government goes back to 1996 when it took a significant role in the Ottawa process which subsequently led to an international treaty to ban anti-personnel mines. Australia continues to work with international mine action organisations, regional governments, and the United Nations to reduce the humanitarian impact of landmines and explosive remnants of war.

Observation of the International Mine Awareness Day in Australia often involves awareness campaigns, seminars, and events by governmental and nongovernmental bodies. These strive to spread knowledge about the global threat of landmines and the crucial necessity for demining. There may be fundraisers for organisations involved in demining operations worldwide. International Mine Awareness Day occurs annually on the 4th of April, serving as a sober reminder of the extent of the issue and Australia's key role in striving towards a world free of the threat of landmines.

Facts about International Mine Awareness Day

  • The theme for International Mine Awareness Day in 2023 was Mine Action Cannot Wait. In 2022, the theme was Safe Ground, Safe Steps, Safe Home.
  • According to the Landmine Monitor of 2023, there were 50 incidents of mine use.
    According to Phys.Org, in 2021 around the world, there were 7,000 landmine incidents reported. Over 2,000 people were killed and 4,000 were wounded.
  • According to, the countries with the most casualties from landmines reported are:
    1) Afghanistan
    2) Burkina Faso
    3) Colombia
    4) Iraq
    5) Mali
  • Australia’s biggest recipient of mine clearance support is Cambodia, with AUD 47 million in funding since 2006. This funding facilitated clearing critical agricultural land and de-mining efforts in the area.
  • Australian Defence Force and private firms contribute to mine clearance operations overseas. Australia built up humanitarian demining capabilities in the late 1990s and the Australian Defence Force trained and equipped teams in Cambodia, Laos, and other affected countries.

Top things to do in Australia for this observance

  • Review the UN's Mine Action Strategy for 2019-2023.
  • Learn more about the efforts to remove landmines and rebuild cities that were affected.
  • Support Non-profit Organizations: Contribute to or volunteer with non-profit organizations such as the Australian Network to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions (ANBLC) or mine clearance organizations like the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) or Halo Trust.
  • Read a book to learn more about the dangers of landmines:
    Mine-Field: The Dark Side of Australia’s Resources Rush - by Paul Cleary
    Rich Land, Wasteland: How Coal is Killing Australia - by Sharyn Munro
    Dirt Cheap: Life at the Wrong End of the Job Market - by Elizabeth Wynhausen

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