Indigenous Literacy Day

Indigenous Literacy Day Quick Facts

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2020 Date2 September 2020
2021 Date1 September 2021
Indigenous Literacy Day

Indigenous Literacy Day History

Indigenous Literacy Day aims to raise awareness of the need to support literacy in remote and isolated indigenous communities of Australia. The day also serves as a fundraiser to gather sufficient funds to purchase books and literary resources for kids living in the remotest parts of the country. The books and literary resources help improve the lives and opportunities for Indigenous Australians who live in isolated communities.

Indigenous Literacy Day is hosted by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, an Australian charity founded by members of the Australian Book Industry in 2005. Indigenous Literacy Day is celebrated annually on the first Wednesday of September.

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Indigenous Literacy Day Facts & Quotes

  • School attendance rates are as low as 14% in very remote areas of Australia.
  • There is about a 2.5-year gap between non-Indigenous and Indigenous literacy rates in Australia.
  • In 2014, only 34.9% of Indigenous students in very remote areas met or exceeded the National Minimum Standards for Year 7 reading.
  • Only 24 % of children in remote Australian communities have a school that goes up to Year 12.
  • The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go! - Dr. Seuss

Indigenous Literacy Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Buy a book from a participating seller. Book sellers that participate in ILD donate a portion of their day's profits to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.
  • Host or participate in a Great Book Swap. Many offices and almost all schools host these challenges in order to circulate reading materials throughout the country.
  • Go to a library and take part it its Indigenous Literacy Events. Most libraries host book-themed events and collect donations for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to continue its work in remote communities throughout the year.
  • Spread awareness for the day on social media using hashtags #ILD, #ILF, #IndigenousLiteracy and #Indigenousopportunities.
  • Watch a documentary that highlights the importance of literacy. Our favourites include: Why Reading Matters, Literacy as a Weapon, To Be Heard and Illiteracy in the World.

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