Bravehearts Day

Bravehearts Day Quick Facts

AKA NameWhite Balloon Day
2024 Date10 September 2024

Bravehearts Day

Bravehearts Day in 2024
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Bravehearts Day aims to empower and encourage individuals to take a stand against child sexual assault and exploitation. The observance focuses on fostering discussion, raising awareness, and providing resources to individuals, families, and communities on how to prevent, respond to, and recover from these heinous crimes. Bravehearts Day also serves as a reminder to prioritize the protection of children and adolescents, emphasizing the responsibility of each member of society to ensure their safety and well-being.

The initiative was established by the Bravehearts Foundation, a well-respected Australian organization with a mission to stop child sexual assault and exploitation. Founded in 1997 by Hetty Johnston AM, the Bravehearts Foundation has dedicated itself to providing support for survivors, advocating for child protection policies, and offering educational prevention programs.

Bravehearts Day is observed nationwide by individuals and organizations participating in various events and activities aimed at preventing child sexual assault. Community members may attend educational workshops, engage in discussions through social media platforms, or take part in awareness-raising events such as the annual White Balloon Day held in September. Bravehearts Day is observed annually on August 30th.

Date shown for 2024 is estimated as the official date has not been finalized.

Top facts about Bravehearts Day

  • According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2022, more than 15,242 cases of sexual assault on minors were reported.
  • The Australian Government estimates that in 2022 there are over 5 million children in Australia. About 51% of them are boys and 49% are girls.
  • According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, about 2 million Adults have experienced sexual assault before the age of 15.
  • The impacts of sexual exploitation are not just immediate but can manifest in many problems later in life, like impaired social relationships, low self-esteem, sleeping disorders, difficulties in partnering and parenting etc.

Top things to do for Bravehearts Day

  • Donate to the Bravehearts organization to help fund their programs, which include counseling, education, and support for survivors of child sexual assault and their families.
  • Buy a white balloon or merchandise from the Bravehearts organization and display it at your home or workplace to show your support.
  • Show your support by wearing white clothing or accessories on Bravehearts Day.

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