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2024 Date28 October 2024
2025 Date28 October 2025

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Oxi Day, also known as Ohi Day or No Day, commemortates a pivotal moment in Greek history that led to the nation's involvement in World War II. This day not only celebrates the Greek people's courage and resilience in fighting against the Axis forces, but also strives to strengthen Greek national identity. The observance pays tribute to the sacrifices made by both military personnel and civilians during the war, with various events and activities taking place within and outside of Greece.

The origins of Oxi Day go back to October 28, 1940, when the Greek Prime Minister, Ioannis Metaxas, defiantly rejected an ultimatum from the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, who sought to use Greek territory for military purposes. This act of defiance inspired the Greek people to engage in a lengthy battle against the Axis occupation. Oxi Day holds particular significance as Australian troops, alongside Greek and other Allied forces, fought against the Axis powers in the Battle of Greece in 1941. Additionally, the close historical ties have forged a strong connection between the Greek and Australian communities, with Greek migration to Australia steadily increasing, particularly after World War II.

Oxi Day is observed by the local Greek community, which organizes various commemorative events to remember and celebrate the spirit of resistance embodied by their ancestors. Events typically include educational talks, wreath-laying ceremonies, and commemorative services held at Greek Orthodox churches. The official date of Oxi Day is October 28th.

Top facts about Oxi Day

  • The word oxi (or ochi) means no in Greek.
  • During World War II, Australian soldiers were involved in the Greek Campaign against the Axis powers. The Australians fought alongside Greek and British forces, suffering heavy losses during the Battle of Greece in 1941.
  • The Greek resistance throughout World War II is considered crucial to the overall war effort, as it delayed the Axis advance and allowed the British Commonwealth forces to regroup for later campaigns like the North African front.

Top things to do for Oxi Day

  • To get a taste of authentic Greek cuisine, you can visit Greek restaurants and sample traditional foods like souvlaki, moussaka, and baklava.
  • Read Oxi Day: How One Word Changed Greece, Britain, and Australia by Charles Houston and David O'Connell.
  • Check out your local Greek community centers which might have ongoing activities for Oxi Day to join in and celebrate with the Greek community.

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