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2024 Date7 April 2024
2025 Date7 April 2025

World Health Day

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World Health Day History

World Health Day seeks aims to underline the importance of everyone having access to health services that don’t cause financial hardship. The day often highlights health disparities and areas of concern prevalent worldwide, while also promoting various preventative measures to improve public health.

World Health Day was first celebrated in 1950, a year after the WHO was established. Its mandate of drawing attention to significant health concerns has directly impacted Australia, where various themes interestingly mirror certain public health challenges. For instance, the 2019 theme centred on universal health coverage, a pertinently Australian issue given the ongoing debate on health insurance and the public health system. Additionally, previous focuses like diabetes and depression shed light on these conditions in Australian society, contributing to a broader dialogue on preventive care, treatment access, and mental health, respectively.

World Health Day in Australia generally includes campaigns around the designated theme, involving efforts of both the government and various health organisations. These can include media releases, events, and public education efforts, all aimed at encouraging Australians to take proactive steps towards improved health. World Health Day occurs on the 7th of April each year, highlighting the country's role in global health improvement and promoting overall wellness in the nation.

Facts about World Health Day

  • The theme for World Health Day in 2024 was My health, my right. The theme in 2022 was Our Planet, Our Health.
  • According to the World Health Organization, 58% of deaths in children under age five are caused by infectious diseases with pneumonia being the highest cause of those deaths.
  • Australians are known for their drinking culture. According to the Australia Institute of Health and Welfare, about 16.5% of people 14 and older consume more than two standard drinks per day on average, exceeding the lifetime risk guidelines.
  • With its sunny climate, Australia holds the unfortunate title of skin cancer capital of the world, emphasizing sun protection awareness.

Top things to do in Australia for World Health Day

  • Get your blood pressure checked! High blood pressure is a silent killer known to massively increase the risk for heart disease and stroke.
  • Play sports or exercise. Exercise raises the heart rate, burns calories, releases endorphins, and helps with leading a healthier lifestyle.
  • Participate in Health Campaigns: Numerous health campaigns are organized on World Health Day to create awareness about particular health issues. You can participate in these campaigns to learn more about your health.
  • Read a book to learn more about Health in Australia:
    Australia's Health 2020 - By The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: This latest edition of the biennial report has an in-depth examination of current health issues, including chronic diseases, mental health, and health service usage.
    Australia's Rural, Remote and Indigenous Health (3rd Edition - By Janie Dade Smith: This book is a precious resource to understand the health inequalities among different groups in Australia, specifically focusing on rural, remote, and indigenous communities.

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