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2024 Date25 October 2024

Bandana Day

Bandana Day in 2024

Bandana Day History

Bandana Day is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for young people living with cancer. The observance aims to provide financial assistance, as well as emotional and practical support to those affected by this life-threatening disease. A crucial aspect of Bandana Day is the symbolic wearing of colourful bandanas, which not only promotes unity and empathy among participants but also serves to remind the public of the ongoing struggle faced by young cancer patients.

Bandana Day has its roots in the early 1990s, when a group of young cancer patients under the care of the Sony Foundation created a range of bandanas. The idea quickly gained traction and has since evolved into the fundraising initiative that it is today. Australians play a significant role in the success of Bandana Day, as the funds generated from the sales of these bandanas help support vital programs run by organisations such as Canteen, which offer services specifically tailored to young Australians battling cancer.

Observing Bandana Day in Australia typically involves purchasing and wearing a bandana in support of the cause. During the campaign period, bandanas can be bought from various retail outlets, schools, and other participating organisations. The funds raised directly contribute to support services such as accommodation, counselling, and therapy sessions for young cancer patients and their families. Bandana Day takes place annually in Australia, with the official observance set for the last Friday in October.

Top facts about Bandana Day

  • in 2023, there are over 1.1 million people live with some form cancer in Australia. Prostate and Breast cancer are the most common types of cancer.
  • It is estimated that in 2022, there were about 165,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia.
  • According to the Cancer Council of Australia, by 2040, there will be more than 2 million Australians living with, or beyond cancer.
  • The cost of diagnosing and treating cancer in Australia is high and continues to rise due to factors like population growth, aging and the introduction of new diagnostic technologies and treatment methodologies.

Top things to do for Bandana Day

  • Some landmarks in Australia, like the Brisbane Story Bridge, light up in yellow, blue, and green colors in honor of Bandana Day. Visit these places with friends and family and take photos to help raise awareness on social media.
  • Purchase a bandana from Canteen and wear it to work or school to show your support. You can also buy bandanas in bulk to distribute among friends, family, or coworkers.
  • Set up an online fundraising page on Canteen's website, share your story, and encourage your social media followers to donate to the cause.

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