Beginning of Spring

Beginning of Spring Quick Facts - AU

2024 Date1 September 2024
2025 Date1 September 2025

Beginning of Spring

Beginning of Spring in 2024
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The beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere represents an important transition, marking the end of the cold season and the start of warmer weather. The occasion carries significant cultural, social, and environmental implications, such as the blooming of flowers, the return of festive outdoor activities, and an increase in agricultural productivity. As part of the natural cycle of seasons, the Beginning of Spring signifies growth, vibrancy, and renewal in a wide range of aspects.

While historical references to the celebration of spring vary, Indigenous Australians have long recognized the importance of this season for their traditional practices, such as hunting, gathering, and land management. This annual event has evolved in contemporary Australian culture, with various events, garden shows, and festivals taking place to celebrate the change of season.

In Australia, the beginning of spring typically starts on the 1st of September, marking the first day of the southern hemisphere's meteorological spring. People across the country celebrate by attending various events, tending to their gardens, and enjoying the outdoors. Floral-themed art, literature, and music often flourish during this time, reflecting the rejuvenation of nature.

Top facts about Beginning of Spring

  • Every year, Humpback whales migrate from their Antarctic feeding grounds to their breeding grounds in the warmer waters off the Australian coast.
  • Average daytime temperatures during spring range from 20 to 25°C (68-77°F).
  • People in areas with high concentrations of flowering plants and grasses experience a phenomenon called thunderstorm asthma. This is where thunderstorms cause pollen grains to break into smaller particles, leading to respiratory problems.

Top things to do for Beginning of Spring in Australia

  • Drive along the stunning Great Ocean Road, exploring coastal towns, breathtaking beaches, and famous landmarks like the Twelve Apostles.
  • Visit Canberra to witness the largest annual flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere. Floriade features over a million blooms and various events, including workshops, live entertainment, and a night-time market.
  • Spring is a great time to visit the Blue Mountains, Grampians National Park, and Royal National Park, as the weather is mild, and the landscapes are filled with blooming wildflowers.

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