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Greek Independence Day History

Greek Independence Day commemorates the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821. This war marked the end of nearly four centuries of Ottoman rule and paved the way for the establishment of the modern nation of Greece. The day is celebrated with various festivities including parades, church ceremonies, wreath-laying ceremonies, and performances of traditional music and dancing.

Greeks form one of the largest ethnic groups in Australia, with major communities in Melbourne and Sydney. The Greek independence struggle, which symbolises the fight for freedom and self-rule, resonates deeply within Greek-Australian communities. This day not only marks a historical milestone in their ancestral homeland, but serves as a powerful reminder of their own journey to Australia, often undertaken in search of liberty and prospects unheard of under Ottoman tyranny.

Greek Independence Day becomes a day of cultural celebration, bringing together not only Greeks but the wider Australian community. Major events occur in cities with significant Greek populations. Religious services are held in Orthodox churches, followed by parades featuring traditional Greek costumes, music and culinary delights. Greek Independece Day takes place on March 25th annually.

Top facts about Greek Independence Day

  • There are reports that the Greek War of Independence was met with little resistance from the Ottoman military. Instead, the Greeks were largely killing non-combatants Turks in various towns.
  • Before Greece fought its war for independence it had been under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. However, despite 400 years under a foreign ruler, much of the Greek culture was maintained because of the legendary tolerance from the Ottomans to the various groups of people it ruled.
  • The Greek community in Australia is one of the oldest, largest and most respected immigrant groups. Greeks started to migrate to Australia in the early 19th century. Large-scale migration happened in the mid-20th century due to poverty, war and civil conflict in Greece.
  • Melbourne and Sydney have the largest Greek communities, with Melbourne widely recognised as having the largest Greek-speaking population outside Europe.

Top things to do for Greek Independence Day

  • Have a Feast of Annunciation. The feast is enjoyed on the same day as Independence Day. It is usually enjoyed by families in their homes and consists of traditional Greek dishes such as spanakopita and moussaka. There are also church celebrations on this day.
  • Spread awareness on social media about Independence Day by using the hashtags #IndependenceDay, #GreekIndependenceDay and #GreekSovereignty.
  • Offer your time as a volunteer for Greek community organizations that work towards preserving Greek culture and heritage in Australia. You can assist in organizing events, fundraisers, or other initiatives.
  • Enroll in Greek language classes or workshops to learn some basic Greek phrases or improve your language skills. Celebrating Greek Independence Day can also be a chance to connect with the Greek language and culture.

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