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Take Your Dog To Work Day

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Take Your Dog To Work Day History

Take Your Dog To Work Day is a special observance dedicated to celebrating the companionship between humans and their canine friends. It encourages making the workplace dog-friendly for a single day, with the goal of promoting the bond between employees and their pets. The event is known to create a positive working environment, reduce stress levels, and even raise awareness for shelter dogs, advocating adoption of these lovable animals.

The celebration of Take Your Dog To Work Day began in the United States in 1999, introduced by Pet Sitters International. Since then, the occasion has spread to many countries, including Australia, where the benefits of incorporating pets in the workplace have been recognized by various organizations. Australians who are passionate about their canine companions can embrace this day to strengthen the loving relationship with their pets and also educate their colleagues on the advantages of having dogs around.

In Australia, Take Your Dog To Work Day is typically observed with various fun activities and customs designed to make the workplace enjoyable for both dogs and humans. Offices may prepare "puppy playpens" for the pets to socialize, provide canine-themed catering, and even hold fundraising events for animal-related charities. Workmates can share tips on dog care, training, and stories about their dogs. The official Take Your Dog To Work Day is celebrated annually on June 23rd.

Take Your Dog To Work Day facts

  • Compared to their baby boomer and Generation X counterparts, millennials are far more likely to value a pet-friendly work environment.
  • According to a survey by the Society For Human Resource Management, 44% of people would consider quitting their job in order to move to a more pet-friendly workplace.
  • A survey conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturers found that nearly one in five American companies allow pets in the workplace.
  • In Australia, organizations like the RSPCA actively promote and participate in Take Your Dog To Work Day as it helps raise awareness and support for animal adoption and welfare-related initiatives.
  • Australian companies like Mars Petcare, Canva, and The Iconic have dog-friendly workplace policies year-round.

Top things to do in Australia for Take Your Dog To Work Day

  • Take your dog to work! If your company or place of work allows it, bring along your furry friend. Make sure to provide a comfortable space along with food and water.
  • If you company or place of work doesn't allow pets, plan a special day for your pets. Take them to the park and spend a little extra time with them or purchase them a new toy.
  • Watch a film about dog loyalty to celebrate. Here are our top picks:
    1. Red Dog (2011) – A heartwarming film about a loyal and lovable dog who brings a community together in an Australian mining town. Based on a true story.
    2. Oddball (2015) – A film about an eccentric chicken farmer who trains his oddball dog to protect a penguin sanctuary from fox attacks, resulting in an unlikely alliance between the dog, the farmer, and the penguins. Based on a true story from Warrnambool, Australia.
    3. Sweet Country (2017) – A dramatic film set in 1920s Australia, where a fugitive's loyal dog helps him elude capture by the authorities.
  • Look into Australian websites, articles, and organizations dedicated to pet-friendly work environments, like the following:
    The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Australia: RSPCA
    The Canine Classroom: The Canine Classroom

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