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World Chocolate Day History

World Chocolate Day is an annual celebration dedicated to the appreciation and enjoyment of chocolate, one of the most popular confectionaries across the globe. The day aims to promote the greater understanding of chocolate's role in cultures and economies, as well as its sumptuous taste that has captured the hearts of both children and adults. Through this observance, individuals, organisations, and nations come together to celebrate the rich diversity of chocolate, and its journey from the humble cocoa bean to the myriad of treats now enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

World Chocolate Day has its origins in the day when chocolate was introduced to Europe by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. In Australia, the chocolate industry holds great significance and is continuously growing, with many Australian chocolate brands and chocolatiers gaining international recognition for their high-quality products. This observance holds particular relevance for Australians, who take pride in contributing to the diverse and ever-evolving world of chocolate. Moreover, sustainably and ethically sourced chocolate has also found importance in the Australian consumer market, given the growing concerns for the environmental and humane aspects of chocolate production.

In Australia, World Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 7th of July each year. Various events and promotions take place across the country, giving people an opportunity to sample an array of homegrown and international chocolates. Artisan chocolatiers showcase their talents and create unique flavours, often using native Australian ingredients, signifying the local culinary creativity. Australians can also participate in activities, such as chocolate workshops, classes, and tastings, allowing them to further appreciate and enjoy the world of chocolate. This observance brings together not only chocolate enthusiasts but also highlights the importance of supporting local businesses and the chocolate industry as a whole.

World Chocolate Day facts

  • The trees that cacao comes from are known as the Theobroma Cacao. The name means food of the gods in Greek. These trees are native to the Amazon and Orinoco river in South America.
  • The cacao pods within cacao seeds are typically harvested by hand. This is due to their fragile nature as machines could injure the trees.
  • Chocolate was consumed as a liquid, not a solid, for 90% of its history.
  • Cadbury has a significant presence in Australia, with a major chocolate factory situated in Claremont, Tasmania, which has been operating since 1922. This factory is one of the largest chocolate manufacturing plants in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Over 45 million packs of Tim Tams are sold each year, making them Australia's top-selling chocolate biscuit.

Top things to do in Australia for World Chocolate Day

  • Visit a candy shop or confectionery store and purchase chocolate. They may be offering specials or deals to celebrate the day.
  • Invite friends over for a night of sweets. Have everyone bring their favorite chocolate treats and share among one another.
  • Visit the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery. Located in Victoria, this famous chocolaterie offers free chocolate tastings, as well as a range of special chocolate-themed menu items in their café during World Chocolate Day.
  • Take a chocolate-making class. Many chocolatiers and cooking schools around Australia offer chocolate-making workshops, where you can learn the art of chocolate making and create your own treats.

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