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2024 Date19 March 2024

Sustainable House Day

Sustainable House Day in 2024
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Sustainable House Day History

Sustainable House Day aims to raise awareness about environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes. This initiative enables Australians to explore and learn from sustainable housing solutions that demonstrate efficient use of resources, reduce waste, and support more comfortable living. The event showcases a diverse range of homes and sustainable living practices, highlighting the benefits of solar power, rainwater harvesting, passive heating, and cooling techniques, as well as energy-efficient appliances and building materials.

Although the roots of Sustainable House Day can be traced back to the "Greenhouse Open Day" in 2001, it has evolved over the years to encompass a broader definition of sustainability in the built environment. The annual event is organised by Renew, a not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting sustainability in Australia. With a growing emphasis on the need to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Sustainable House Day has become a significant platform for Australians to gather and share best practices, ideas, and experiences in creating eco-friendly living spaces.

Sustainable House Day is typically observed on a single day across Australia. Homeowners open their doors to fellow Australians, allowing them to experience first-hand the benefits of sustainable living. Visitors can engage in discussions with homeowners, builders, architects, and suppliers to gain a greater understanding of the features and practices showcased in these eco-friendly homes. Additionally, the occasion provides insights into the financial and environmental benefits of sustainable living solutions that can be replicated in one's own home. In recent years, Sustainable House Day has been held in September, providing an accessible and informative experience for Australians interested in sustainable housing as a means to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Top facts about Sustainable House Day

  • In 2024, more than 100 homes across Australia will open their doors to share their experience of building and living in sustainable homes.
    In 2022, over 52,00 people participated in Sustainable House Day.
  • Sustainable homes often have better indoor air quality due to the use of low-VOC materials and increased ventilation.
  • A study by the University of Melbourne found that homes with a higher energy-efficiency rating attract a higher market value.
  • The concept of passive design is used widely in Australia. It considers the orientation, insulation, ventilation, and shading of a house in a way that reduces the need for artificial heating and cooling.

Top things to do for Sustainable House Day

  • Choose organic, biodynamic, or craft beer that is brewed locally. This helps support small scale producers who often use more sustainable practices.
  • Avoid plastic waste from store-bought juices and sodas by making your own drinks. Use fruits or tea leaves from your own garden if possible.
  • Opt for snacks like homemade popcorn over pre-packaged chips. Homemade salsa or guacamole served with whole grain chips is another good option.

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