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Easter History

Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, as described in the New Testament of the Bible. In Australia, like elsewhere, this solemn and joyous occasion is marked with church services, family gatherings, and various traditional customs. Additionally, Easter has also developed a secular aspect that includes activities such as the Easter Bunny and egg hunts, enjoyed by many Australians irrespective of their religious affiliations.

While Christians in Australia observe Easter in accordance with the Western Christian calendar, the occasion has a unique history in the country. Initially brought by British settlers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the observance has evolved to reflect the diverse multicultural character of modern Australia. Today, Easter can mean different things to different communities across Australia, from the deeply religious to the celebratory social, and serves as a reflection of the nation’s cultural diversity.

In Australia, Easter is typically observed over a four-day long weekend, starting from Good Friday and concluding on Easter Monday - both are public holidays nationwide. Church services form an important part of the observance, with many attending sunrise services on Easter Sunday. Social events that are particularly popular include Easter egg hunts and the Sydney Royal Easter Show, a two-week-long annual event featuring agricultural competitions, animal shows, shopping, and entertainment. Easter typically falls between 22 March and 25 April each year.

Facts about Easter Sunday

  • For many Christian congregations, the first Easter service for the year is the Service of Light. The worship typically starts in darkness on the preceding Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Light is brought into the church with candles to signify hope based on the resurrection. The service culminates with the lighting of a paschal candle, signifying Christ.
  • Easter eggs represent new life and also symbolize the shape of Jesus' tomb.
  • Australia ranks among the top 20 countries in the world for the consumption of chocolate and Easter is a particularly popular time for this.
  • On Good Friday, many Australians eat seafood instead of meat, following the Christian tradition of refraining from eating warm-blooded animals on this day.

Top things to do in Australia for Easter

  • Go to a children's Easter egg hunt or hold one of your own. Many churches have them the Saturday before Easter too.
  • Cook an Easter dinner for family and friends. Traditional entrees include lamb or ham. During Lent (period leading up to Easter), many Roman Catholics exclude meat from their diet, so Easter is often indulgent on meat.
  • Attend the Sydney Easter Parade: It started in 1999 and every year it brings together people from different backgrounds to celebrate the joyful occasion.
  • Prepare traditional meals for Easter, such as:
    1) Roast Lamb: Roasted lamb is a traditional Easter dish in Australia. This often includes ingredients like garlic, rosemary, and olive oil.
    2) Strathdon Blue Cheese and Spinach Tart: This tart, featuring a tangy blue cheese, spinach, and fresh herbs, is a popular Easter dish in Australia.
    3) Easter Bilby Cake: Instead of the Easter Bunny, Australia has the Easter Bilby—the endangered marsupial counterpart. Thus, the Easter Bilby often becomes a cake in the form of a bilby.

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