National Kangaroo Awareness Day

Quick Facts

2020 Date24 October 2020
2021 Date24 October 2021
National Kangaroo Awareness Day

National Kangaroo Awareness Day History

National Kangaroo Awareness Day aims to raise awareness about the plight of kangaroos in Australia. As commercial hunting continues at an unprecedented rate, all types of kangaroos in Australia risk extinction. In addition, national laws dictate that kangaroos can be shot and their young murdered. In 2009, the NSW government approved the hunt and death of 269,000 kangaroos while the national government allowed nearly 4 million to be killed in the same year.

National Kangaroo Awareness Day is observed annually on October 24. The day hopes to protect and save the dwindling population of kangaroos and their babies that remain on the continent.

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National Kangaroo Awareness Day Facts & Quotes

  • The Code of Practice in every Australian state allows for the baby joey to be ripped from its dead mother's pouch by the shooter, swung by its hind legs and bashing its head on a hard surface.
  • According to, the Australian Government authorises the slaughter of millions of kangaroos every year.
  • There exist 4 species of kangaroos: The red kangaroo, the Eastern grey kangaroo, the western grey kangaroo and the Antilopine kangaroo.
  • There are more kangaroos than humans in Australia. They are the national symbol of Australia and appear on postage stamps, coins, and aeroplanes.
  • It’s embarrassing for Australia that we eat our own wildlife. Do you think the Americans would eat bald eagles? I’m a wildlife warrior, and I’ll fight… fight to the death, for our wildlife. Every person can make a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE to global conservation. - Steve Irwin, Famous Australian Wildlife Warrior

National Kangaroo Awareness Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Spread awareness for the day on social media using hashtags #StopKangarooKilling, #ProtectKangaroos, #KangarooAwarenessDay and #WildlifeProtection.
  • Watch a documentary about kangaroos to get better acquainted with Australia's national symbol. Our favourites: Kangaroo Mob, Kangaroo Dundee, Kangaroo Wild Life, Kangaroo Comeback and The Kangaroo King.
  • Attend a peaceful demonstration in a major city. Many people in the cities gather with animal activist groups to protest the government's decision to allow kangaroo killings.
  • Check the labels of your food and research as the the origin of the meats that you consume. Many animals are illegally killed and sold in stores to unknowing customers. Be informed.
  • Visit a kangaroo sanctuary or a kangaroo in a zoo. These kangaroos are usually well cared for and are safe from the bullets of hunters. Help support these organisations and others that work to protect wildlife.

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