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2024 DateApril 9, 2024
2025 DateApril 9, 2025

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Vimy Ridge Day History

Vimy Ridge Day commemorates the battle of Vimy Ridge, an important and historic event during World War I. It pays tribute to the courage, bravery, and sacrifices of the Canadian soldiers who fought for their country in this significant battle. The Observance serves as a reminder of the strength and unity of the Canadian forces, which played a crucial role in securing victory at Vimy Ridge, a pivotal moment in Canadian military history.

The battle of Vimy Ridge took place from April 9th to 12th, 1917, in France, during the First World War. This intense conflict saw four divisions of the Canadian Corps come together for the first time to attack and capture the heavily fortified German-held ridge. The Canadians' victory in this battle earned them a reputation for effective and innovative tactics, and it is considered a defining moment for Canada as a nation. The success at Vimy Ridge ultimately contributed to the Allied forces' eventual triumph over Germany during the Great War.

In Canada, Vimy Ridge Day is observed on April 9th each year. Various ceremonies and events take place across the country to remember and honour the brave soldiers who fought in this battle. These may include laying wreaths at cenotaphs, visiting war memorials, or attending special commemoration services.

Top facts about Vimy Ridge Day

  • Four men were awarded Victoria Crosses for their bravery in the battle. The Victoria Cross is the highest and most prestigious award of the British armed forces. Those awarded for their bravery were:
    -Private William Milne of the 16th Battalion
    -Lance-Sergeant Ellis Sifton of the 18th Battalion
    -Private John Pattison of the 50th Battalion
    -Captain Thain MacDowell of the 38th Battalion
  • The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the first time all 4 divisions of the Canadian Corps attacked together in an organized formation.
  • According to, out of the 100,000 Canadians who served in the battle of Vimy Ridge, there were 10,600 Canadian casualties and 3,600 deaths.
  • The battle is particularly significant as it was the first occasion when all four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force fought together as a unified fighting force.
  • The capture of Vimy Ridge showed the world that Canada was capable of playing a significant role in the war.
  • More than 10,000 Canadian soldiers were either killed or injured during the battle.

Top things to do for Vimy Ridge Day

  • View and experience a virtual tour of the Vimy Memorial.
  • Visit the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in Vimy, France. It stands as tribute to all who served their country in battle during World War I.
  • Watch a movie or documentary illustrating the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Here are our suggestions:
    How This Canadian Victory Over Germany Shaped Their Identity (2018)
    Vimy Ridge: Heaven to Hell (2007)
    The Battle of Vimy Ridge - Part 1: Setting the Stage (1997)
  • Read The Battle of Vimy Ridge: The History and Legacy of Canada's Most Famous Battle of World War I by Charles River Editors.

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