Agriculture Day

Agriculture Day Quick Facts

2024 DateFebruary 13, 2024

Agriculture Day

Agriculture Day in 2024
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Agriculture Day celebrates the vital role of agriculture in our lives and acknowledges the hard work and dedication of farmers who provide us with the food we eat every day. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of agriculture in our daily lives, encourage sustainable farming practices, and promote a better understanding of the immense contributions that farmers make to society. The observance highlights various aspects of agriculture, such as advancements in agricultural technology, education, and the need for farm safety measures to ensure a productive and secure food supply.

Although there is no specific date designated for Agriculture Day worldwide, Canada has taken it upon themselves to observe this important event. Canadian Agriculture Day began in 2017 as an initiative by the Canadian agriculture community to engage with consumers, share their stories, and create a better understanding of modern Canadian agriculture. Canada is one of the leading agricultural producers in the world, with a diverse array of crops and livestock production systems that contribute significantly to the national economy. Agriculture also plays a significant role in sustainable development, providing employment opportunities and supporting local communities.

Agriculture Day in Canada often involves farm tours, school visits, agricultural fairs, and other community-oriented events, providing an opportunity for Canadians to connect with farmers and learn more about the essential work they do. By participating in these festivities, Canadians can better appreciate the importance of agriculture and the dedication of farmers in providing safe, high-quality, and sustainable products that celebrate Canadian culture and values.

Top facts about Agriculture Day

  • In 2023, Canada’s Agricultural system provided 2.3 million people with jobs, which contributed $143 billion towards Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP).
  • In 2022, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta made up 82% of the total farm area in Canada.
  • On average, Canadian farmers harvest about 30 million tonnes of wheat and export about 23 million tonnes of wheat each year.
  • Canada has about 64.2 million hectares of farmland. Saskatchewan has the largest amount of farmland, followed by Alberta and Quebec.
  • Canada ranks as the 11th country out of 113 countries in the world in terms of food affordability, availability, quality, and safety.
  • Agriculture sector employs over 2.1 million Canadians – that’s one in eight jobs!

Top things to do for Agriculture Day

  • Visit local public markets and gardens where different types of crops are grown. Attend organized farm tours that allow you to interact with farmers and learn more about the agricultural processes.
  • Celebrate Agriculture Day by buying locally produced food, this supports local farmers and provides you fresh products.
  • Visit places offering agri-tourism activities like farm stays, horseback riding, fruit picking, wine tasting, and much more.
  • Watch Forgotten Foods of Canada. This documentary explores traditional Canadian food and agriculture techniques that have been passed down through generations.

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