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National Caesar Day

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National Caesar Day History

National Caesar Day celebrates Canada's beloved cocktail, the Caesar. The drink, which traditionally consists of vodka, Clamato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and is garnished with a celery stalk and lime. This iconic drink is widely enjoyed throughout the country and has earned its reputation as Canada's signature cocktail. The observance not only honors the drink itself but also its role in Canada's culinary landscape, its versatility, and its cultural impact.

The celebration of National Caesar Day originated from Canada, where the cocktail was invented in 1969 by bartender Walter Chell in Calgary, Alberta. Today, the Caesar has become an essential part of social events and gatherings in Canada, with various establishments creating their unique variations and twists on the classic recipe. National Caesar Day highlights the significance of this proudly Canadian creation and encourages everyone to enjoy its distinct taste.

National Caesar Day is observed in various ways across Canada, with bars and restaurants offering special promotions and discounts on Caesars, as well as hosting events, competitions, and tastings. The occasion invites both seasoned Caesar lovers and newcomers to the cocktail to try out different flavors, share their recipes, and appreciate the origins of this cherished Canadian specialty. National Caesar Day takes place annually on the Thursday before the Victoria Day weekend, marking the beginning of the Canadian summer and patio season.

Top facts about National Caesar Day

  • According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, Canadians drink more than 400 million Caesars a year.
  • According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, the creator of the Caesar Walter Chell drew his inspiration from a pasta dish called spaghetti alle vongole. Using mashed clams, Chell created a clam mixture and then mixed it with tomato juice and spices. The final ingredients included vodka, tomato juice, clam nectar, Worcestershire sauce and celery salt. One final ingredient that Chell claimed was the secret ingredient was oregano.
  • According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, in 2019 Saskatchewan’s Last Mountain Distillery received the Guinness World Record for the largest Bloody Mary or Caesar cocktail. They mixed a 750 L Caesar cocktail using 300 bottles of Mott's Clamato, 20 bottles of lime juice, and 18 bottles of Worcestershire sauce.
  • It is estimated that over 350 million Caesars are consumed in Canada annually.
  • The drink was supposedly named after Chell's Italian regulars would toast a la salute di Cesareto the health of Caesar with it.
  • The Caesar also supports the Canadian economy, with over $2 billion in Clamato juice sales annually in Canada.

Top things to do for National Caesar Day

  • Make your own Caesar cocktail. Here is a traditional recipe that you can use.
  • Enjoy the Best Caesar in Town competition hosted by Mott's Clamato. This annual event pits bartenders from each province against one another. They must each craft their own version of a Caesar and the best tasting one wins. One bartender from each province is declared the winner. The event is typically hosted in Toronto.
  • Visit the Victor restaurant in Parq, Vancouver. They offer a build-your-own Caesar bar which is a great way to enjoy a Caesar cocktail just the way you want.

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