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Go Skateboarding Day History

Go Skateboarding Day is a global annual event dedicated to celebrating the sport and the culture of skateboarding. It aims to promote the positive impact of skateboarding on communities and individuals, encouraging creativity, physical activity, and camaraderie amongst skateboarders. This observance not only brings together professional and amateur skaters, but also encourages enthusiasts and spectators to revel in the thrill of the sport.

The concept of Go Skateboarding Day originated in 2003 through the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), and it has since garnered worldwide support and attention. For Canadians, skateboarding has a strong following across the nation, illustrated by the existence of numerous skate parks and community groups that foster the development and enjoyment of the sport. Embracing Go Skateboarding Day in Canada aligns with the country's value for inclusivity and appreciation for various sources of outdoor recreation.

Go Skateboarding Day in Canada sees skate parks and streets filled with enthusiasts engaging in various activities such as skate lessons, gatherings, contests, and fundraisers. These events often showcase the talents of participants, fostering a sense of belonging and achievement within the skateboarding community. Whether a seasoned skateboarder, an aspiring enthusiast, or simply an admirer of the sport, Go Skateboarding Day serves as an opportunity for Canadians to embrace and revel in the vibrant subculture that lies within the world of skateboarding. Go Skateboarding Day is observed annually on June 21st.

Go Skateboarding Day facts

  • Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk may have popularized skateboarding, but according to skateboarders, Tony Alva was one of the earliest skateboard pioneers. Born in California in 1957, Alva originally started skateboarding to practice surfing. He would later pave the wave for skating by utilizing ramps and vertical planes. He would revolutionize the sport and also encourage competition with his own team, the Zephyr Competition Skateboarding Team.
  • The first skateboard trick is attributed to Alan Gelfand. He called his trick an ollie which involved leaping into the air with his board without the use of his hands.
  • Skateboarding culture has had significant influences on fashion, music, and film over the past several decades.
  • One of the most famous skateboard parks in Canada is the renowned Leeside Skatepark, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The park was created in memory of Lee Matasi, a Vancouver skateboarder, and artist who was tragically killed in 2005.
  • The popular Canadian magazine, SBC Skateboard, has been a vital source of information for Canadian skateboarders since its launch in 1996.

Top things to do in Canada for Go Skateboarding Day

  • Go skateboarding! Check out some tips and instructional guides on performing different tricks.
  • Stay informed about upcoming news.
  • Visit your local skate shop to purchase skateboarding gear, apparel, or accessories. Many shops also host events or offer discounts on Go Skateboarding Day, so it's a great time to buy that new skateboard you've been eyeing.
  • Canada is home to some incredible skate spots, such as the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, or the Montreal Olympic Stadium. Spend Go Skateboarding Day visiting and skating at one of these iconic locations.

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