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National Napping Day

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National Napping Day History

National Napping Day seeks to advance public awareness about the health benefits of catching a quick, restorative nap. Scientific research indicates that taking a short nap of 20-30 minutes promotes improved mental agility, mood, and overall wellbeing. While often misunderstood or undervalued as a valuable health practice, napping has been internationally recognized in recent years thanks to events like National Napping Day.

While National Napping Day doesn't exclusively stem from Canadian roots, it has significant relevance to Canadians. Given the Northern Hemisphere's particular exposure to daylight variation, Canadians often suffer from sleep deprivation, especially in the winter months. This observance brings attention to the importance of rest and revitalization, particularly relevant in a country where the days can be shorter, and the demand for productivity remains high.

In Canada, National Napping Day is typically marked by educational events and campaigns promoting the importance and advantages of napping. Schools, workplaces, and community organizations often take part, urging individuals to prioritize their sleep health and wellness. The observance takes place annually, coinciding with the return to daylight saving time, typically when Canadians might be feeling the effects of one less hour of sleep. By dedicating a day to napping, Canadians are reminded of the essential role sleep plays in their overall well-being, and given encouragement to partake in a guilt-free nap.

Facts about National Napping Day

  • According to, napping can have several benefits. Napping can reduce sleepiness, improve learning, aid in memory formation, and help regulate emotions. Napping can also have negative effects depending on the person. It can interfere with the ability to fall asleep at bedtime, especially for those struggling with insomnia. Taking long naps has also shown an increase risk for diabetes, heart disease, and depression.
  • The human body naturally craves a nap in the midafternoon, usually around 2-3 p.m. This is because of the body’s circadian rhythm, which manages our sleep-wake cycle.
  • According to a study by Sleep Country Canada, almost 30% of survey respondents take daily naps and feel that their productivity increases after napping. However, 70% of respondents felt guilty about daytime napping.
  • Among the aged population in Canada, napping is quite common, usually due to medical conditions or as a side effect of medications. However, napping should be handled appropriately as excessive napping could lead to insomnia.

Top things to do in Canada for National Napping Day

  • Take a nap. Set an alarm, find a comfortable spot, and let your worries disappear.
  • Work on improving your sleep schedule. Naps are great for making up for that lost sleep or just feeling refreshed in the afternoon, but having a good nights sleep is the best remedy. 7-8 hours are recommended for most adults.
  • Winnipeg: Visit Assiniboine Park and enjoy a restful nap in the midst of nature.
  • You could also visit a local spa or wellness centre for a relaxation massage before your nap. Hiring a cabin in the Canadian Rockies might be on the extravaganter side for a great nap.

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