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2022 DateApril 21, 2022
2023 DateApril 20, 2023
National High Five Day

National High Five Day History

National High Five Day seeks to spread positivity and good vibes using the famous greeting. This day encourages high-fiving others and spreading good energy. It aims to fundraise for reputable nonprofits that help children impacted by illness. In 2018, $10,000 was raised for CoachArt, a nonprofit that provides free sport and art lessons to kids with chronic illness.

National High Five Day was established in 2002 by a group of University of Virginia students. Together they gave out high fives on campus all day in an attempt to spread positivity. This day is observed annually on the third Thursday of April.

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National High Five Day Facts

  • The first documented instance of a high five was in 1977 at the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros game. Rookie outfielder Glenn Burke of the Los Angeles Dodgers lifted his arm high above his head and slapped palms with his teammate Dusty Baker to celebrate a milestone home run. Baker’s home run in the 6th inning certified the Dodgers as the first team in history to have four hitters with at least 30 home runs each in a single season.
  • There are several variations of the high five. Some of these include the self high five, the two-handed high five, the air five, and the back end high five which involves an additional step following a normal high five.
  • According to a study by the Institute of Biological, Environmental, and Rural Sciences at Berystwyth University in Wales, fist bumps and high fives greatly reduce the spread of germs compared to handshakes. Germs were spread 20 times less for fist bumps and 10 times less for high fives.

National High Five Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Spread virtual high fives! Covid-19 is still impacting many people around the world. You can check on others and let them know you're thinking about them with a virtual high five.
  • Learn about the origins of the high five. LA Dodgers rookie outfielder Glenn Burke was documented in 1977 raising his arm high above his head to slap palms with Dustry Baker after he hit a homerun.
  • Watch a collection of videos celebrating high five day. The high five is versatile in that it can be used during funny moments or momnetous ones.

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