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2023 DateApril 26, 2023
2024 DateApril 26, 2024
Alien Day

Alien Day History

Alien Day celebrates the popular science fiction and horror film, Alien. The film was released in 1979 and directed by Ridley Scott. It has since become a cult phenomenon and has been followed by many sequels. Alien follows a crew of scientists that are returning to Earth on a spaceship called the Nostromo. They discover an alien species on board that wreaks havoc and starts to devour the scientists.

Alien Day was created in 2016 by Fox as a promotional event for the Alien Franchise. It is observed annually on April 26th.

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Alien Day Facts

  • Alien: Inferno's Fall is the latest issue from the comic book series Alien.
  • Six fan-made short films were created for the Alien 40th anniversary in 2019. They were:
    Alien: Containment
    Alien: Specimen
    Alien: Night Shift
    Alien: Ore
    Alien: Harvest
    Alien: Alone
  • Prometheus (2012) had the highest box office revenue of the Alien franchise at $400 million.

Alien Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Host a movie night and watch the Alien Franchise.
  • Visit the attraction Alien: Descent in Orange County, California.
  • Play a video game from the Alien franchise. Some game recommendations are:
    Alien: Blackout (2019)
    Alien: Isolation (2014)
    Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013)

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