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2024 DateApril 26, 2024
2025 DateApril 26, 2025

Alien Day

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Alien Day History

Alien Day seeks to cherish the groundbreaking "Alien" film franchise and also appreciate the broader sci-fi genre and its impact on our culture. Fans engage in various activities such as watching movies and TV shows, participating in social media discussions, attending events and conventions, and sharing their personal collections of memorabilia.

The origins of Alien Day can be traced back to the 1979 release of Ridley Scott's seminal horror-sci-fi film, "Alien", which has inspired a total of six movies in the franchise. Canadians, like many audiences across the globe, have embraced the "Alien" series and the genre it represents. Contributions from Canadian actors, writers, and directors have played a significant role in shaping the world of science fiction. For instance, Canadian actor William Shatner's portrayal of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series is a prominent example of the country's impact on sci-fi culture.

In Canada, celebrations of Alien Day are often informal and vary from location to location. Some Canadians gather with friends and family to watch the "Alien" films or engage in the broader genre by watching other sci-fi classics. In recent years, local events and conventions held in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver have included Alien Day panels, screenings and discussions, providing an opportunity for fans to come together and share their passion. Alien Day takes place every year on April 26th, with the date being chosen as a nod to LV-426, the moon in the Alien film where the infamous Xenomorph was first encountered.

Top facts about Alien Day

  • Alien #12 THE END OF PARADISE was the latest issue which concluded the Alien series in early 2023.
    Alien: Inferno's Fall was the latest book from the comic book series Alien.
  • Alien: Romulus is a new film which is the sequel to the 2017 film Alien: Covenant and is set to be released in the Summer of 2024.
  • Six fan-made short films were created for the Alien 40th anniversary in 2019. They were:
    Alien: Containment
    Alien: Specimen
    Alien: Night Shift
    Alien: Ore
    Alien: Harvest
    Alien: Alone
  • Built in the 1950s, the observatory in Shirley's Bay, outside Ottawa, was Canada's first UFO detection station.
  • In 1967, Stephen Michalak, a mechanic from Winnipeg, had a close encounter in Falcon Lake, Manitoba. During a hiking trip, he stumbled upon a landed craft and experienced illness and symptoms of radiation sickness after his encounter.

Top things to do for Alien Day

  • Host a movie night and watch the Alien Franchise.
  • Visit the attraction Alien: Descent in Orange County, California.
  • Play a video game from the Alien franchise. Some game recommendations are:
    Alien: Blackout (2019)
    Alien: Isolation (2014)
    Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013)
  • Watch Aliens: The Ultimate Doom, a documentary which focuses primarily on the creation of the Alien franchise and its impact on popular culture.

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