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2024 DateSeptember 7, 2024
2025 DateSeptember 6, 2025

World Beard Day

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World Beard Day History

World Beard Day is a global event celebrated annually to honour the cultural, historical, and social significance of beards. The observance aims to promote, appreciate, and elevate the status of beards and the individuals who grow them. It is an opportunity for beard enthusiasts worldwide to come together and revel in their shared appreciation, while also raising awareness and funds for various charitable causes that involve facial hair or men's health issues.

The origins of World Beard Day can be traced back to Danish Vikings, who have been known to celebrate the event as early as 800 AD. In Canada, the day holds particular importance as beards have been a notable part of the country's cultural and historical identity. The Canadian climate has often been associated with the need for warmth and protection, resulting in the popularity of beards and their association with ruggedness and resilience among Canadian men. Furthermore, Canada has made its mark in the world of competitive facial hair, with numerous Canadians securing victories in international beard and moustache competitions.

In Canada, World Beard Day is marked by various events and gatherings where beard enthusiasts come together to showcase their impressive facial hair, participate in competitions, and exchange grooming tips. These events often involve fundraising components to support men's health organizations or local charities. Canadians also use social media platforms to share their beard appreciation and engage in conversations about the significance of facial hair. World Beard Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of September, providing a unique opportunity for Canadians to express their love for beards and the camaraderie that comes with it.

World Beard Day facts

  • Hair growth is linked to family and heredity. This means that a person’s genes will determine their ability to grow facial hair. Genes determine hair growth, thickness, and even graying.
  • According to a Behavioral Ecology study, a man’s beard can influence other people’s perceptions of their social status. The study found that regardless of cultural background, women perceived men with beards as having a higher social status compared to their clean-shaven counterparts.
  • Beards can protect the skin from the sun. They can block up to 95% of the sun's harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer.
  • In 1964, Vincent Foy was denied the right to graduate from Osgoode Hall Law School because he refused to shave his beard. His fight for bearded rights went as far as the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled in his favor, saying that the forced shaving requirement was contrary to natural justice.
  • John Ware, a former American slave who became a skilled Canadian cowboy, was known for his impressive riding talents and a remarkable beard. Ware became a symbol of resilience in the face of racial prejudices in 19th-century Canada.

Top things to do in Canada for World Beard Day

  • Maintain your beard. Trim it, style it, make sure your beard is well kept today.
  • Get a haircut. Spend a little extra and go for beard treatment. You'll feel refreshed and look brand new.
  • Some local barbershops may offer discounts or special styling sessions on World Beard Day to help individuals maintain and groom their facial hair properly.
  • Attend a social gathering or event in your community, such as a pub trivia night or live music show, and make it a World Beard Day celebration with fellow beard enthusiasts.

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