Black Cat Appreciation Day

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2023 DateAugust 17, 2023
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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day is an annual event celebrated in Canada to raise awareness about the positive characteristics of black cats and encourage their adoption. The day aims to debunk common myths and superstitions surrounding black cats, such as their association with bad luck and witchcraft. Instead, the event highlights the adorable, playful, and loving nature of black cats.

The history of Black Cat Appreciation Day dates back to 2011 when Canadian animal rescue groups and shelters initiated the movement to promote black cats' adoptions. These organizations saw a disproportionately high number of black cats in their care that were overlooked by potential adopters due to outdated fears and superstitions. To counteract these misconceptions, they created an awareness day to celebrate black cats and make people aware of their excellent adoption qualities.

Since then, Black Cat Appreciation Day is celebrated every year in Canada and has gained popularity among animal lovers worldwide. Many rescue organizations have joined the event to promote black cat adoption, educate people about cat behavior, and share success stories of people who have welcomed black cats into their homes. Black cats are not only beautiful but great companions, and this day serves as a reminder to appreciate them and give them a forever home. Black Cat Appreciation Day is observed annually on August 17th.

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Black Cat Appreciation Day facts

  • Black cats have been a sign of both good and bad luck throughout history. Depending on the country or region, people have viewed them accordingly. For example in Medieval France and Spain, black cats were considered bad luck due to their association with witches. Medieval Germans considered themselves to be cursed if a black cat crossed their path. In the British Islands however, black cats were believed to bring wealth to any house they occupied. In Japan, they were considered to bring good luck. In Ancient Egypt, black cats were worshipped as sacred.
  • There are about 22 different breeds of cats with black coats according to World Animal Protection. The most common of them is the Bombay cat.
  • Black cats are thought to be more resistant to certain diseases. The mutation that causes black fur is in the same family of genes that offer resistance to diseases like HIV.
  • The black coat color in cats is due to the expression of the melanin-producing gene called MC1R. A mutation in this gene leads to increased production of eumelanin, resulting in a solid black coat.
  • Some studies suggest that black cats have a reduced risk for certain health issues. For instance, they might be less prone to feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which could be attributed to genetic factors associated with their dark fur.

Top things to do in Canada for Black Cat Appreciation Day

  • Go to a shelter and adopt a black cat. Black cats are stigmatized more than other species so they tend to be admitted to shelters more often.
  • Show your cat you appreciate them with a new toy or some catnip. Even if you don't own a black cat, show your feline friend that you care about them.
  • Consider donating to a cat rescue organization or pet adoption center that takes care of black cats in need.
  • Offer your time and assistance to a cat rescue or shelter, particularly those that take care of black cats.

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