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Star Trek Day History

Star Trek Day is an annual observance that celebrates the popular science fiction television and movie franchise that has inspired generations since its inception. The day commemorates the debut of the original television series, "Star Trek," created by Gene Roddenberry, which aired for the first time on September 8, 1966. The celebration offers a chance for fans worldwide to reflect on the impact the series has had on society and the exploration of space, science, and technology, as well as how it has influenced pop culture over the past five decades.

For Canadians, Star Trek holds a special place in their hearts as the country is home to several actors who have starred in various Star Trek series and films. The most notable Canadian connection is actor William Shatner, who was born in Montreal, Quebec, and portrayed the iconic Captain James T. Kirk in the original series and subsequent movies. In addition, Canada has served as a filming location for numerous Star Trek productions, such as the television series "Star Trek: Discovery" and the movie "Star Trek: Beyond," showcasing the nation's contribution to the beloved franchise.

On Star Trek Day in Canada, fans take time to appreciate and honor the contributions made by their fellow Canadians to the Star Trek universe. This includes organizing watch parties to binge their favourite episodes, attending conventions or events that celebrate the franchise, social media discussions, and even dressing up as their favourite characters in homage to Roddenberry's vision. Just like the global audience, Star Trek Day in Canada is observed every year on September 8, marking the anniversary of the first episode's airing and promoting the enduring legacy of this influential franchise.

Star Trek Day facts

  • The famous Vulcan salute, a hand gesture with the palm forward and the thumb extended, while the fingers are parted between the middle and ring finger is a symbol of the franchise and was first seen in Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • The handheld communication devices used in the original series were actually an inspiration for the development of the real-world cell phone by Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola.
  • To save money, Star Trek often reused sets, costumes, and props from other series. For example, the sick bay in The Next Generation was a redress of the Battle Bridge set.
  • In 2016, The Canadian Mint released a $200 gold coin featuring the USS Enterprise along with a set of four $20 silver coins featuring scenes from Star Trek.
  • Star Trek has inspired the names of Canadian streets, such as Kirk Drive in Cornwall, Ontario, and Spock Drive in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Top things to do in Canada for Star Trek Day

  • The Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec, has an extensive Star Trek exhibit with costumes, props, and interactive displays. It's a perfect place to celebrate Star Trek Day.
  • Host a Star Trek themed party with decorations, food, and drinks inspired by the series.

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